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11 Summer Destinations in India You Would Fall In Love Immediately With

As summers arrive everyone would be looking for summer destination for a long getaway, away from the heat and temperature and the hustle-bustle of the city life. With the scorching high temperature which reaches heights in India, one definitely looks for options to chill out to beat the heat. From the lofty peaks in the […] Read more…


12 Ways Philippines Would Help You De-stress Yourself

Philippines is a fantasy land with beautiful atmosphere and skilful people. It’s numerous beaches, volcanoes and other scenic beauties are God’s gift to that land. Enjoy the experiences and have an unforgettable vacation by planning well and maximizing your stay. Here are some important things to do when you plan to go and visit this […] Read more…

6 Interesting Places You Would Not Want To Miss In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa having the most diverse wildlife and amazing landscape. Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River falls at a 108m drop into a narrow stream into Batoka Gorge which is popular for white water rafting and bungee jumping. All major currencies are accepted here and the locals speak in English, Shona […] Read more…

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