Your Deed Small Or Big Makes a Difference

Acting in a situation is important – Not the Act! Yes- your deed small of big- creates a vibration that makes the required difference.

Kindness Quotes
Kindness Quotes

This quote has made me rethink a few things I generally do in my day to day life. It was a Sunday and we were out taking a small walk. A small boy was selling a toy which I somehow wanted to buy.

It was not worth the money we paid, but it was fun buying something from a small boy.

I asked him why he was working on a Sunday, and why he was working at all.

Well, he said – he had 4 siblings and his parents’ money went totally to feed the family. He was a person who scored good marks at school yet was unable to pay his exam fees and hence was trying to earn it.

I was totally overwhelmed by the story and ended up buying the whole lot of toys, well we then donated all of them to a hostel near-by.

That day was the most satisfying day in my life.

I know you all have such satisfying days and deeds that made you wonder if this was the purpose you set out at all.

Share with us this Sunday what made you happy and why?

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Hope you all had a great weekend, and your Sunday is Happy as ever.

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24 comments on “Your Deed Small or Big Makes A Difference -#HappySunday 8”

  1. Yes! Days are like these are the most satisfying ones. I once bought corns (bhutta) for kids on street on Friendships Day. The weather was rainy and I was relishing one and so couldn’t relish it alone. Hence, ended up with the kids and their gang having all the fun!
    And believe me, it was so gratifying!


  2. Incidentally I’m reading a book that talks about the importance of being kind. One of the quotes says – Be a little more kind than is necessary. That’s what you did. You didn’t need to but you did. More of us should be doing just that.

  3. It is when we are at our lowest that tend to appreciate the simple things. As as we do not lose sight of that fact, we can be a help to others.The feeling of giving someone else happiness is far more intense then doing something for yourself! Many times helping others will actually make us help ourselves, When we feel good about ourselves that is when we start to believe how empowered we are and how strong we stand against all that happens. Life is not fair it never will be, Its just the little acts of kindness that makes us believe we have a purpose, we are here for some reason and how blessed we are to be able to help others and be the giving hand! 🙂

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