Fun Facts about Parenting You Are Sure To Smile Reading

Parenting is a serious job and Do we have a doubt about it?

#MommyMoments are mixed with Joy, frustration, and exhaustion from moment to moment.

While all these are on one side, there are few things that are interesting.

But if your question based on the title is “What’s so funny about it?”, then this post is just for you.

I am sure every parent will relate this post to their life.

I am certain this will make you smile, laugh or at the least nod your head in agreement!

Being a New Mommy

Parenting #MondayMommyMoments
Parenting #MondayMommyMoments

You Put Your Child To Sleep

You immediately run towards the kitchen for eating quiet food rather than opening a pack of your favourite snack- Oops! you do not want the baby to hear you munching – and Wake UP.

Child is sleeping on your lap, WOW!  And you realize everything that you want is out of your reach.

Your phone rings aloud only when the baby sleeps.

Why are all the things around you so loud only when the little one sleeps?

Baby Poops Is The Most Important Topic

Everyone you meet – your mom, dad, partner, friend or doctor! ends up hearing you talk about the baby’s poop, it tops your priority list than any other thing in life

You even go to the extent of sniffing the baby’s butt and peek into the diaper so often.

You always think that it is funny to see the baby fart.

You just know your baby is going to poo right after your change his diaper.

Child’s Clothes

Once the child starts moving, dresses are never a good idea.

You take the child’s clothes for washing and find the weirdest things in them. It might be a bread crumb, a silly toy or even stickers!

When they come inside the house after playing, it would seem like the dust and sand in the entire world is in the children’s clothes.

Should all the spilling, soiling and mess happen on the same day the laundry was done or the house was cleaned?

–          Why are the dresses that fits your child alone is too expensive?

Milestones and Growing

You and Your partner are the only beings in the whole world who are excited about the milestone reached by your child, nobody else seem to be bothered.

You start calling your better half as mummy or daddy even in the absence of the child. Quite funny!

You have always wanted your kids to do things independently, but your patience is on the loose when they start doing it.

Few More Fun Facts

There are few facts that are worth a laugh. Here goes the list.

–          After a whole days’ work, you go to bed late and the next day you realize that the more late you go to bed, the earlier the kid wakes up in the morning.

–          The more space you free up, the more the toys multiply.

–          If you take longer time to prepare the best food for the child, it is more likely the child will spit it.

–          When you take the toddler out, he / she is the only one who behaves badly.

–          You want your child to do something for you? The tell your child not to do it 😉

–          If the food is gooey, it will end up in the carpet or sofa.

–          Going on a long drive? Now is the time for the baby to use the bathroom.


The list goes on and is certainly endless. What were your fun moments? Do share with us.

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30 thoughts on “Fun Facts about Parenting You Are Sure To Smile Reading”

  1. This is hilarious Menaka! The facts are so true!! It’s funny how many things change when you have children but you wouldn’t change it for the world! I love the set-up of your site! It looks great!

  2. Ha ha Tulika, can we say more, we were all head over heels over these tiny things that came through us and were taking everything we could and more from us.. Fun though it was

  3. This took me to my own days of becoming a new mother. Most of the facts you’ve stated are quite relevant to most new mothers. Those precious moments when the baby went off to sleep were so cherished! But then the time when they’re awake is what becomes memories in the later years.

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