Happiness A Choice Open To You #HappySunday

If you have been following my #HappySunday blog hop you would by now known about my ecourse – Happiness A Choice

The month of November was an eye opener to me along with my Beta Tester parents.

My Modules are based on how to raise happy children. Each module consists of few practices and reassurance on how to mind map your happiness.

Happy Children – Mind Mapping Techniques

Would you want your child to be remotely controlled yet he doesn’t feel as if you are Helicopter Parenting him?

Would you want your child to share everything with you without you being indulgent?

Would you want to become a friend to your child and yet have her take you seriously?

Well, all this can be done with this happy children ecourse.

HappySunday Happiness Ecourse
HappySunday Happiness E-course

Happiness A Choice

Happiness is a choice you can make. Many people keep asking how to be happy, if you think of it is quite easy.

All you need is an open mind to let your negative feelings sink down (if possible evaporate) and fill it with positive thoughts.

I can hear you saying it is easily said than done, well, yes it is easy to say! But, have you tried practicing it.

Our lives today is so complicated and tangled with so many things together that we seldom have time to think of bringing in positivity consciously.

When an effort is however done, it becomes a very easy process.

If you would like to know exactly how to go about this, join my e course.

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Blogging as a community in fact makes you a better blogger. I personally feel reading, commenting and blog hoping has made my site more popular than it used to be earlier. Thanks to MyFriendAlexa Campaign by blogchatter team.

Simple Indian Moms Focus
Simple Indian Moms Focus – Romila

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4 thoughts on “Happiness A Choice Open To You #HappySunday”

  1. I absolutely loved your views on happiness… This is something I believe in too. Happiness is a state of mind… Even amidst negativity we can be happy and positive.

  2. Those who feel that happiness is a choice are deeply committed to that viewpoint. Many comments suggest that although we can’t control our circumstances, we can influence how we respond to them. “It’s not what happens to us, but the way we respond to what happens. Happiness is definitely a choice.
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