Webminar on Motherhood with Dr. Hema Divakar
Himalaya Baby Care a Facebook Live for Moms

There have been a number of occasion when pregnant women and new moms get confused about their own bodies. At times it does happen that you are left with no clue whether what is happening within you is normal or not.
Himalaya has always taken care to help moms maintain health as naturally as possible and in its effort Himalaya hosted a webinar on Himalaya BabyCare Facebook page with Dr. Hema Divakar to answer exactly these questions and the session, my dear readers, was amazing.

With overwhelming attendance the webinar started with Dr Hema telling her viewers the general health precautions and care that has to be taken by pregnant women. She was keen on giving every detail that would be of interest to women – especially pregnant ladies and new moms.

The Question Answer Session

This was followed by a series of questions by the participants; of course I was one of them

What we asked

Most questions revolved around sudden health issues during pregnancy and caution to be taken. Dr Hema very passionately explained in detail about the prenatal and postnatal supplements, PCOS, Health issues during pregnancy, Diabetes during pregnancy and so on.

On a question asked whether it is safe to practice yoga when pregnant, Dr Hema said,” it’s not only safe but also advised to perform certain poses during pregnancy”.

We need to know that pregnancy in itself is only a physiological change and not a disease. Some participants also asked about Caesarean section and VBAC. Dr Hema opined that caesarean section during an emergency was imperative; however there were options of painless delivery too.

Natural Skin Care FOR MOMS

To a question asked on how products with herbal ingredients help mothers, Dr. Hema said that products infused with natural ingredients were best for prenatal and postnatal care. In addition to this, using products with mild fragrances such as lavender, rose, and jasmine can be an added benefit as it is known to soothe and calm your mind.

The Overall Outlook

When the webinar came to an end every participant was left with a feeling that it could have continued a little longer. Dr Hema very charismatically explained each and every answer clearly. She also made mentions of options that were newly available and how to avail them.
I personally would love to attend another webinar anytime now.

10 Comments on Health Consultancy and Advice By Dr Hema – An Informative #Webinar For Moms Sponsored By Himalaya FOR MOMS

  1. I didnt know that fragrances like lavender and rose etc have a calming effect during pregnancy! Indeed a great q&a session!

  2. I always find it interesting when women are concerned about exercise of any form during pregnancy. I mean I am sure there are things you cannot do. But yoga would, of course, be an excellent source of trying to stay healthy while pregnant.

  3. It sounds like a really interesting webinar indeed. It seems like you got some great advice to share!

  4. Sounds like a good webinar. I’ve not had kids but I can imagine how different it can be caring for your body and having the right things when you’re pregnant x

  5. So sad that I missed this webinar session and I am glad that Himalayas helping us to answers our questions about pregnancy and skin care products.

  6. I have been pregnant five times and was told the same thing that yoga is safe during pregnancy. Yes, pergnancy is not a disease. I used to get treated as if pregnancy was a disease the 5 times I was pregnant. I need to check out Dr. Hema because she and I seem to agree on a lot based off of your post.

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