Meet Ramya Sriram – Social Activist Fighting Against Child Abuse

Ramya Sriram - Social Activist Fighting Against Child Abuse
As a parent, a responsible citizen and as a consultant the first thing I have always found myself believing into is to impart social responsibility into children.
The society as a whole is undergoing a transformation, men young and old seem to be behaving in unnerving and unimaginable manner these days.
Somewhere during development, we seem to have lost humanity!
Well, child abuse is in raise and we need to take action. Here is Ramya Sriram a social activist, who is trying to bring some changes in the society through her organisation.

A Short Bio

Ramya Sriram - Social Activist Fighting Against Child Abuse
Ramya Sriram – Social Activist Fighting Against Child Abuse
I m 37 yrs old graduated in Psychology and also MBA from Coimbatore presently settled in Chennai.
Hubby Sriram working as Head Facility & admin in private organisation.
Mother of 2 kids daughter Yuvashini Sriram 8 yr old and Son Atharva Sriram 5 yr old.

Her Social Services

I am into social services past 10 yrs first started as a volunteer -care taker at a Orphange at Mogapair west and from there i started to help needy as much as I can.
Mainly I support for 2 causes
1. Educational support for less privileged / parentless & street dwelling kids .
2. Children safety awareness programs.

Her Organisation

My Nannsei team formed in January 2016 we are group of friends together help the needy children for their education and extra curricular activities like.. experiments at school..awareness programs on environment and sexual harassment and Children.

Her Hurdles

We faced and still face a lot of hurdles in our work- regarding our child safety awareness people still hesitate to learn things and co operate and spare time for their safety
Regarding educational needs the kids are in huge numbers who are really from poor background we need more donors.

How This Started

I am from very normal average middle class family. We struggled a lot to come up in life especially educational part when I started working I felt it is important and the  right time to help the needy and moreover to help them in education.
My first day was volunteering in orphanage when I was 21 years old.
I used to be with a kid who lost his limbs and eyes, because his mother threw him in train track. That incident made me to think how blessed we are and I felt that I should help others till end.
Another incident is my cousin sister’s murder at her very home. She was not aware whom to open the door and safety which led to her being killed by a perpetrator who entered their house in the name of tenant looking for a house.
This made me to take another step towards child safety and awareness and abuse.
My aim in life is have an orphanage or home for shelter less kids and elders

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2 thoughts on “Meet Ramya Sriram – Social Activist Fighting Against Child Abuse”

  1. Hi Ramya,
    Thanks for sharing. As a parent you have depicted the real facts. You have shared your experience. That’s great and happy to hear from you.
    Keep posting.

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