Parenting an adoloscen

Parenting an Adolescent – Mindful advice

As a parent having a good, intelligent, obedient and loving child can give you all the joy in the world. However, parenting cannot be accomplished without hard work. There are many phases a child goes through during his or her growth phase and each one of them is unique . Parenting an adolescent is however, incomparable. […] Read more…

Hip Raise Exercises

This hip raise exercise focuses the abdominal muscles directly across the front of the body. This muscle supports your lower back and strengthens your abs. Hence its focus falls on abdominal muscles it helps in protecting the internal organs. Lie on your back with your hands placed side on your body(palms down near the hip) […] Read more…

food that help in fat burning

Burn Fat With Food – The Best Way To Reduce Tummy Fat With Food

?Fat is out Slim is in? that?s the latest mantra! Exercises, Crash diet, Gym, Walking are few examples with which one can lose yourbelly fat. But what if a person does not have time for such activities, no problem we will tell you how. Yes! There are fat burning foods which help to lose belly fat. These are the most natural foods that speed up the metabolism in your body. Read more…

Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children - Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Too

Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children – Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than You Think

Passive Smoking,is more injurious that you would actually want to think. Your baby’s tiny organs can easily be infected than yours. Think before you light your cigarette next time. There are a number of health problems that passive smoking children face, slowly throughout their life. A small mistake of your can cause serious problems to […] Read more…

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