Have you wondered that god seems to be giving loads of trouble just for your! Do you feel like leaving things take its own course?

Believe me! I do that too, but not after I met Renu online. She is  a fighter. You will feel the same way as me after you read her story and her struggle which she has triumphed cancer with  great grit.

A Short Bio

Inspiring Indian WOmen
Inspiring Indian WOmen

Renu Sakhrani mother of 3 children – Roshini aged 27 – Rohan 24 and Riya 17.

Born in West Africa and having had the  opportunity to travel extensively – She has grown up in HKG and then migrated to Canada. 

She speaks 5 languages – English Sindhi Hindi Cantonese and French. 

With ample Experience in Sales, Marketing, as an Executive  Secretary and now a Pranic Healer and English Tutor. 

A Breast cancer survivor -she now also counsel women on the disease when diagnosed and explain their options of treatment to them. 

She is also a Healer and have many patients who come to me for regular healings. 

An English Tutor and works mainly with Expats and their children. She is a Native English speaker and speak 5 other languages. Hindi, Sindhi,  Cantonese, French and some Spanish.

She also do Home Catering as I love to cook and having lived internationally all my years – have been exposed and learned many different cuisines.

Her Life Story – The Ups and Downs

I was born in West Africa and am the Middle child with an older Sister and a younger Brother.  We traveled to India in the early 1970, as my father was looking for work. He left us in India and traveled overseas to look for a job. My 3 years in Mumbai had been the only experience I had to living in India. We then moved to HKG in 1973 where I lived for the next 22 years.

I studied, worked and got married there and had my first child Roshini born there as well. The uncertainty of the Tiananmen  Square massacre in 1989, prompted me to look for a safer place to live – as HKG would be handed over to China in 1997.

We then applied to migrate to Canada in 1990 and due to the back log with applications – our Visa was only approved in 1994. I was determined to move  and so we did in June of 1994. My husband however had a thriving business in HKG  and promised to join me in a few years.

In 2007 – I separated from my husband and  returned back to Pune to live with my three children Roshni aged 18 – Rohan aged 14 and Riya who was 7 at the time. My mother lived in Pune and we had visited her children constantly  while we lived overseas. The year I returned I got introduced to Pranic Healing, and found my Spiritual Guru Master Choa Kok Sui the founder of Pranic Healing. I was also so lucky to realize that the only Ashram that existed of our teacher was here in Mulshi only 60kms from where I lived.

Life in India wasn’t easy – but I was determined to make it work for me – so although I felt like a complete foreigner in my own country – I was adamant to stick it out. I soon realized that even though I spoke the language the minute I opened my mouth – the locals could tell I wasn’t from here. Everyone assured me that they were always 5 minutes away ( which in reality was a couple of hours) and everything was Tomorrow it will be done – which in actual fact might be a week at the earliest.

Journey with Breast Cancer

It was late one night in June 2012 – and my daughter Roshini – who was on her Summer vacation from Canada – and I were having an intense conversation. I reached out to my left armpit and felt an itch -and started to itch myself, to discover that there was a small ball in there moving.  I was able to feel this with my hand and there was no pain or discomfort. I quickly shared this with my daughter and asked her to feel it as well  – she in turn did the same,  and said “Mom we need to see a doctor!!”  

Being a Pranic Healer myself – I was not as alarmed as she was, but concluded that I should get tested.

Here started my journey of Medical “nightmare”!!  A few visits to Doctors – and various tests later a diagnosis of “A” typical – suggested that they could not rule out the possibility of the growth being Malignant. The doctor suggested that I come in for a surgery,  as according to them the lump could grow and start causing me discomfort. 

I was scheduled for surgery 26th of June 2012 and everything went smoothly – including the Doctor assuring my 23year old daughter right after the operation – that there was absolutely nothing to worry about – as the growth was BENIGN!!

A week later – we went to pick up the Histopath report which to our astonishment read STAGE 3 Carcinoma.  The Oncologist then informed us that there had been an error on what the surgeon had indicated!!  Really – is this even possible in this day and age – with Science being so advanced?? 

She said that the Dr who had operated on me was out of town, and wouldn’t be back for another month at least but, we should see other doctors to consult what our next course of action would be. 

The next 2 months of my childs’ vacation was spent visiting Doctors and Surgeons – to be queried by them as to where the MARGIN was.  To me, this meant a line on the left hand of a paper – but NO – to the Doctors it meant that the area around the lump which was removed, needed to have been removed as well.  As luck would have it – I had NO margin removed – and hence was now informed that I HAD to have a Masectomy – as there could be a chance of recurrence!!

I somehow then found myself scheduled for a Masectomy of my left Breast and was in the Plastic surgeons office to discuss what kind of an Implant I would prefer.  To our sheer amazement the consult with the Surgeon and the Plastic Surgeon who were to operate on me, had different opinions on how they were going to proceed with the surgery. I soon realized that I was not prepared to have this surgery, due to their difference in operation techniques,  and wanted to investigate on what my other options were.

A Pet Scan – Breast MRI and various tests later – I was told that I could opt for a Breast Conservation Surgery – they would go in and remove the nodes but save my breast – I agreed to this.  We awaited the results – and were given the news that all 24 Nodes removed were non Malignant.  My ER-PR was also Negative and so I wouldn’t need any hormone Replacement Therapy. Wow – what a relief this was!!! The downside was – I had to have Chemotherapy just in case, there was some residue left behind.  Since the Breast has a lot of fatty tissue,  it would be safer if I went ahead with the Chemo. 

My first Chemo was scheduled for Nov 2012 – and as luck would have it – the low immunity caused me to have Carbuncles which were really painful.  I had to be operated again to treat this – and so the next Chemo was delayed till I could recover completely.  I almost developed Septicaemia which is a contamination of the Blood.  If it had progressed into this, I would have needed a Blood transfusion and being a RH B-ve Blood Type – I am not even sure where I would have been able to find this!!!  

I constantly found myself turning to my Guru for guidance – strength and support through all of this.  Many conversations with my children would contain words like – ” I am living out my Karma and so, this is all a Blessing.” Moving forward in life – my karmic debt would not be as heavy.

 At the same time – I was going through a Divorce and  they say “When it rains – it really pours!” this is the truth for many of us.  I have been told that when one finds a Spiritual  Guru – many tests will be sent your way and, instead of losing hope – my faith strengthened as I knew I had the Guidance of my Spiritual teacher the Founder of Pranic Healing  – Grand Master Choa Kok Sui – walk me through this phase in my life.

I had 4 sessions of Chemo in total, and also had an allergic reaction to some of the drugs administered to me at the Day Care at the hospital. I found myself almost gagging on my tongue. As luck would have it, the Dr was on rounds and could not be located. I was lucky that  the Head Nurse had the presence of mind to quickly give me a dose of Benadryl to counter this reaction, and hence I am here writing my story. 

I was then given 31 rounds of Radiotherapy.  This caused me to have 3rd degree burns – the blessing here was that since my nodes had been removed there was a minimal of sensation in that area so, although there was pain – it was bearable. 

As soon as my Radiotherapy was over and I was slowly recovering – my mom suffered a heart attack. The blessing being it happened at 8pm in the evening while mom was visiting me – so I could rush her to the hospital and get her treated by a doctor immediately.   

I have seen with every experience that has been sent my way – I have just had to look around for the constant blessings. These are present for all of us – but we get so caught up in the negative aspects, that the positivity is usually invisible to us. 

I now counsel other women diagnosed with this illness, and help them with information and support they may need.  I also work with a Doctor where we go to the villages and educate girls on the importance of good nutrition and Self Breast examinations. I have grown stronger and more positive through this phase in my life.

My children – family and friends  – stuck by me and supported me through my journey.  I did have one door/chapter of my life end at the same time I was ill – but have been blessed to see so many others open ahead of me.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you or any other family member needs any help and assistance. 

I am reachable at Renu.yvr@gmail.com

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4 comments on “Meet Renu Sakhrani – The Pranic Healer and Cancer Survivor Who Inspires Women With Her Life Story”

  1. I cant even begin to imagine your horrors and trials!!! Having gone through some in my life, I really admire your spirit to look at things so positively Renu. Your honest way of looking at blessings instead of tests – is awesome learning for me!
    Thanks Menaka for this fantastic writeup on such an incredibly brave woman!

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