Rinku Nagda – The Lady Who Revolutionized Wedding Planning

Rinku Nagda The Lady Who Revolutionized Wedding Planning

Women are pure forms of strength and they know how to make things work and where exactly to concentrate. It all takes a little hard work and a lot of planning.

Rinku Nagda The Lady Who Revolutionized Wedding Planning
Rinku Nagda The Lady Who Revolutionized Wedding Planning

Meet Rinku Nagda – who has revolutionized wedding planning and brought about the plan of exclusive Bridal exhibitions.

YOUR REPUTATION IS YOUR INTEGRITY, DON’T COMPROMISE IT – Says Rinku Nagda, who successfully runs her Shaadi Sakhi, which exclusively does exclusive bridal and lifestyle exhibitions.

A Short Bio

Rinku Nagda, A post graduate in Management along with a Diploma in Wedding Planning from The Tania Tapel Wedding Planning Training Academy.

Having started her career with Human Resources, joined her family business. She was passionate about Fashion & Shopping which led her to start her own company Shaadi Sakhi.

She has successfully organised 25 Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibitions in the past 3 years all over Mumbai.

How The Idea Hit Her

I used to take all our NRI family friends for Wedding shopping and managed to give them best services and choices. We used to travel to South Mumbai or western suburbs to attend all exclusive Bridal Exhibitions.

I realised that there was no elite exhibition happening in the Central suburbs and hence the idea clicked about starting Shaadi Sakhi Exhibitions in Aug 2013 at Matunga CR,Mumbai. Subsequently we started Shaadi Sakhi Art Gallery in March 2014 giving Exhibition space to Designers.

About Shaadi Sakhi

Shaadi Sakhi primarily caters to Entrepreneurs and Designers that are into Bridal Wear, Semi Formals, Western Wear, Real& Semi- Precious Jewellery, Bags, Clutches, Footwear, Home Décor, Trousseau, Unique Gifting Items and wide range of Consumer & Lifestyle Products.

With Shaadi Sakhi we take your brand to another level, be it reaching your customers through our popular exhibitions held round the year to target shoppers of various Festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, Diwali and Wedding season.

Her Challenges and How She Won Over Them

My biggest challenge was getting Exhibitors for Art Gallery during the Startup phase since we  had a new location.

We got in touch with various exhibitors all over Mumbai through various modes of communication like Social media,, messaging, advertisements and subsequently through Word of mouth.

Later popularization was done by 

Social Media

Networking Platforms

Word of Mouth

 How She Made Shaadi Sakhi A Success

Increased business for our exhibitors and better choices for consumers – is our success. We conceive, plan, and make events happen – business events which benefit both consumers and producers. The exhibitions showcase a wide range of consumer and lifestyle products under one roof.

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Our USP is targeting new and unique locations for exhibitions where there is less competition.

Her Advice To New Entrants

Keep yourself focused and carve a niche

You can check her Facebook page for further details and contact info.



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