Simple Indian Moms Focus – Blogger Romila

Simple Indian Moms Focus
Simple Indian Moms Focus
Simple Indian Moms Focus – Romila

Simple Indian Moms focus is a series very close to my heart, and I feel happy to be featuring and knowing so many blogger through this series.

This week we are getting to know about Romila, in fact Dr Romila with a PhD in Business Management.

She blogs with the name “Novemberschild” and is known in blogging sphere and in twitter with that.

Romila is a freelance writer/editor/book reviewer and a blogger.

Romila in her own words

It’s my dream to become a published author or run my own e-magazine. I call myself Smart, Intelligent, Inquisitive, Logical and Insightful.

I admire and take pride in being a part of the world around me. Books are my best friend and I can never get tired of travelling and exploring corners.

I believe in my destiny, prayers, love and acknowledgement. For me technology and gadgets are simply sexy and irresistible.

I like to relax with a cup of hot chocolate. A certified homebody when the moment calls for it but at the same time I love to get out and explore from time to time.

1. What prompted her to start a blog?

For the kind of serious writer I am who has something to say all the time, blogging was must and If you would have asked me 13 years ago the same questions, I wouldn’t have been able to answer that with a strong opinion.

Making new connections and friends, Gaining new valuable skills and Becoming popular are the reasons for starting a blog and I am glad I have achieved them.

Please fill in, Blogging to me is more than a hobby, it is a discipline.

2. The Vision Behind Her Blog, Now and Five Years Hence

Frankly speaking I had no vision, I wanted to become famous, wanted people to read and appreciate my writings, and blogging served that perfect stage for me.

I started with Rediff in 2004, shifted to wordpress domain in 2012 and to my own self hosted in 2016. Well 5years from now is a long time, I never thought 1year from that day I started my blog in 2004 and it’s been unbeaten 13years with so much of appreciation and love from readers.

I wish to cross the one lakh hits of my own self hosted blog and at least 500+ readerships in the coming 5years.

3. Does She Earn From Her Blog?

I have earned through my blog and I am looking forward to make blogging my full time career.

I am waiting for some nice opportunities to come and also working to get associated with brands.

4. How has blogosphere changing with time and what changes has she brought about to cope with it?

The first blogs appeared in the late 1990 and in 2016; blogs are now in a more mature stage. Much has changed over those two decades and, indeed, much continues to evolve in the blogging world today.

Whether microblogging on Twitter, or posting long-form content on Facebook using a much-improved Notes feature, the line between social sharing and blogging has been significantly blurred.

Blogging, too, has also continued to evolve from a leisure activity one might engage in to share a passion or record their personal hopes and dreams and towards a legitimate career choice for talented content creators.

The biggest change which I love or I should say I have coped up with blogging is that while blogging might have only been entered on a resume under Hobbies 10yrs ago, but now in 2016 it is just as likely to be found under Work Experience on the document and I like being called as a professional blogger.

5. How Regularly Does She Post?

I post daily. I have no fixed time for blogging as I am online throughout the day, I write whenever I get an idea in my mind.

I schedule my posts in advance so that it gives me chance to give time for my freelance projects and other posts for the coming weeks/months. I prefer being ahead of the times.


6. How does your blog help your readers? Who do you think is your reader base?

I create content that stirs up conversation and generate new ideas. Blogging is going to be — if not already — a crazy business in the future. I feel that this is only the beginning of the rise of internet-based businesses, people, products, etc.

Most of the posts I write are super informative, which can be backbone of required education, spreading of great, life-changing ideas, and turn into a facilitator of many things which attracts readers to come back again to my blog. It is my personal space on the web to jot down my ideas/musings.

I don’t have any particular theme. You can find content on all genres in my blog. Most of the readers/subscribers like/love my posts on relationships/books/lifestyle articles.

7. Would she recommend blogging as earn from home option?

Yes I would surely recommend blogging as a method. Affiliate or direct advertisement, referral program, paid promotional posts, reviews, e-books, services such as content writing and designing.

I know there are lot of options, and I would recommend start implementing one by one. All the above idea works great, and you should find out what works the best for your blog niche.

8. How many times do you think a newbie blogger should post initially?

Three post a week.

9. Does having blogbuddies help in better blogging?

I usually have TweetDeck open in a tab. I have a column with just my bloggy besties’ handles.

I like to pop over to that tab throughout the day and randomly retweet them, or start up a little twitter conversation on the blogs. Clearly, subscribing to my blogger friend’s newsletter is very helpful.

I follow them everywhere I can, but the newsletter is definitely a biggie. If I like an article, share it.

Seriously, there’s no bigger compliment to a blogger than sharing the posts with the circle. I do this and expect the same.

10. Do you get support from your family?

Only from mom and she reads my drafts as well as the post after it is published in my blog and she shares it within her friends as everyone has a smartphone and my blog is just a click away.


11. What was the most popular post she has published till date?

Simple Indian Moms Focus
Simple Indian Moms Focus – Romila

There have been 12 popular posts on my blog ever since I shifted to self hosting and they have been on different genres but the most popular post has been – To my Mother In law  with 400+ hits and still going on strong today and I think it has become popular because most of my friends are married and they can relate to the title very much.

It is not a letter but an open heart note written to my future mother in law for the kind of relationship I would like to share with me, more of being a daughter to her.

I don’t want her and me to have stereo type relation instead be friends and love each other.

12. Does she visit other blogs?

I visit, read, comment and share all those blogs which are listed in my blog buddies section online.

13. What would she advice our readers who want to start a blog?

Be original, if you copy paste something you read elsewhere please credit the source and the writing ideas are all over your surroundings, concentrate and look around, you will never get disappointed, all you need is time and patience to write about it.

It’s really important and encouraging for having feedback from readers, both positive and negative ones.

A little appreciation always helps! If you ever really do get stuck writing, then do this and it will fix all your problems.

Life is way easier to write about when you’re doing something interesting.

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  1. As always, strong opinions from a strong lady, and yes it is clearly showing in her words and choices.
    First time I am reading SIM Focus blogs, and I am really inspired from Romila words amd also from you Menaka.
    Thank you, as I have gained from this post a lot.
    Anshul Taran recently posted…Long Road Journey Memories…My Profile

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