Today is the fifth day of Navratri and Skanda Devi- the incarnation of Parvati who gave birth to Karthikeya is worshipped. In Hindu Mythology Karthikeya is multi dimensional and hence is taken care of by seven kanyas or the sapta kanyas..and here we have another multidimensional person – Shinjini.

She is such a fascinating person with a whole lot of interest areas that trying to concentrate on a particular niche of questions became difficult for me, I have learnt quite a lot from her interview, I feel you will too.

A Brief About Shinjini

Simple Indian Moms Focus Navratri Special
Simple Indian Moms Focus -Modern Gypsy in Multi Dimensions

Hi! I’m Shinjini. Better known online as Modern Gypsy. I’m a passionate artist, prolific writer, voracious reader, and seeker of soul. I believe in the mysteries of the Universe, in the power of an intention…in crystals and Tarot and Oracles…I believe in the transformative power of stories and the healing power of art and creativity.

She Is Multi Dimensional – Is There Any Dimension That’s Too Dear To Her

I’m an editor by profession, an artist by night, and a traveler on this journey called life!

I don’t believe in tying myself down to any single identity – I am multi-dimensional, and I think everything that I do reflects that.

Traveler! Blogger! How Does She See Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is quite a big thing in the blogosphere. People get sponsored travels or stay invites from resorts, which is interesting and lucrative, I suppose.

What better than having someone pay you to travel, after all! I’m personally not a fan of research-based travel posts, I’d much rather read first hand travel experiences with lots of pictures!

What About Her Travelogues – Would She Accept Sponsored Travelogues

All of the travelogues on my blog are from my personal travels. I write from my experiences, and yes, I have been to all the places I’ve written about, on my own time and money.

None of them are sponsored posts. But if anyone wants to sponsor my travels, I’ll be more than happy to discuss options!

She Does Art Journaling – What Would That Be

Art + journaling = art journals!

I firmly believe that journaling (writing) is medicine and art is therapy. Combined, the two are magic!

And anyone can do it, because art journaling is really not about producing beautiful art – that is a bonus! And like anything else, you get better at it as you practice and learn.

So what is art journaling?

It’s a record of your journey, your thoughts, the things that move you, and your unique vision of the world. An art journal can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be – it really depends on you.

At its simplest, it can be a few doodles, sketches or splashes of color or collage added to your daily diary, journal or planner.

It becomes really transformational when you use it as a place to record your observations on life, to work through your own deeply personal problems or issues, and to express yourself in bold and beautiful ways. My own practice has evolved over time.

I started art journaling purely to experiment with painting in a controlled environment. I liked the idea of doing it in a book – I could just tear out the pages that didn’t work or toss the whole thing and no one would be the wiser.

Over time, I came to appreciate the transformative power of words + paint. As I started to treat art journaling as a “practice” and to learn and refine art fundamentals, I evolved as an artist, as a creative being, and as a person.

In fact, I believe so strongly in the power of art journals, that I’ve created a luscious 53 page ebook that I offer to my newsletter subscribers for free. You can get it from here

sSimple Indian Moms In Focus
Art Journaling 101 ebook

When Did Her Blogging Journey Start

I started this blog at the tail end of 2006. Before this blog, though, I had another one on a now defunct {I think} site called diaryland.

That was more a collaborative diary with a friend, which we decided to start so that we could keep in touch with one another. Then blogging started to become a big thing, so I decided to start one too.

I had no major plans or strategy for it – initially it was more like a public log of sorts. I dabbled with it on and off, so there were long periods when I wrote nothing at all, and then other periods when I wrote rather regularly.

Does She Stick To Any Particular Niche

Throughout this journey, the whole buzz around having a niche never really sat very well with me. I’m a multi-dimensional person with varied interests and viewpoints, so I did not want my online space to be single-dimensional.

In fact, if I look back at my blog, I can identify the periods when my interest in a certain area started to become an obsession.

I can see when I picked up different hobbies, when I let them go, when certain things started becoming more meaningful for me than others. So in a way, the blog is a representation of sorts of who I am as a person.

How Does She Earn From Her Blog

Very recently I’ve started offering professional Tarot readings  and blog design services  I also plan to launch an ecourse {hopefully some time next year} and to have occasional limited edition art sales {still in planning stages}.

Apart from this, I haven’t monetized my blog in any way.

Women And That ‘Me Time’ Her Opinion

I’m a strong believer in the importance of me time. I get very irritable if I do not get some time alone to myself – it makes me feel hemmed in and I start to lose focus and feel constantly stressed and harried.

I believe it’s essential to take some time out for yourself – to focus on your interests and hobbies, self-care, even going out with friends without your spouse or children!

Her Most Popular Blog Post

You know, strangely, I’ve never really tracked that! I wouldn’t know how to even start to figure it out! But I do know my posts Zangoora  and Lansdowne were very popular because I wrote about both of them long before they were “discovered”.

Virtual Friends Vs Real Friends – Who Are Her Favorite

Friends are a treasure – be they real or virtual!

Given how much time we spend online and how many people we meet on social media, I’ve formed some beautiful relationships with people from all over the country and the world.

These relationships are based on shared interests, there’s a lot that we have learned from one another, there’s also an element of genuine caring and deep bonds that have formed between us.

Social media can blur a lot of lines – but the basic elements that forge relationships in the real world can also be used to forge relationships in the online world.

3 tips to become a successful entrepreneur

Hustle, hustle, hustle. If anyone is offering classes on how to hustle, I’ll sign up!

Online Opportunities She Is Aware Of In India For Work At Home Moms

I think sites like sheroes offer a lot of work from home opportunities. It isn’t a market I’ve explored much, though.

This Is Day 5 post of the #DailyChatter campaign wth #Blogchatter and #UGC Day 6

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