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Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ


With life becoming more career oriented and profession driven, time has become a precious commodity off late. People are living in a tight schedule. There is lesser and lesser time available for people to spend too much time for cooking their daily food.

The traditional cooking using gas stove is too slow. Well, to minimize stress caused due to such time consuming cooking ritual, Microwave ovens would be the best choice.


Basic concept behind the microwave oven


It is nothing but an appliance which cooks food using electromagnetic wave passing through. Heat is produced by the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food.

Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ

It makes the food placed within the oven to vibrate thereby producing heat for cooking food. The microwave energy is converted to heat energy as soon as the heat is absorbed.


It is important to understand that it is heat waves that are produced and not radioactive rays, thus leaving no space for questions on radioactivity or damage it may cause.


Is Owning a Microwave Oven Necessary


This is a common question among the Indian women. I would say the answer is YES.

There is no kitchen without the microwave oven in western countries. Here are your reasons to buy one.


  1. Good bye to those days were the women in the household used to get stuck in the kitchen almost half of the day. They had less time to think and come out of the box other than cooking.


  1. It is very useful for working women .As it involves less time for cleaning up. There is no need for transfer of food from cooking pan to serving pan.


  1. Requirement of oil is very less which is absolutely healthy.


  1. Since the cooking is in a controlled condition the chance of burning becomes less. Also you can avoid over cooking. Generally if the food is overcooked the nutrients in it are removed. So no worries about loss of nutrients.


  1. Reheating becomes an easier job. You could prepare food earlier than required. Reheating takes just few seconds.


A common error people recurred buy Microwave ovens are their careless attitude towards reading the instruction manual that is generally given along with it, during the time of purchase.


You would be astonished by the multiplicity of ways you can use your microwave oven if you read the manual and know its usability completely.


Hints for Users


  1. Choose appropriate size and shape of microwavable utensil for each dish. Generally shallow vessels are preferable. Round shaped vessels are for soups and veggies. Large or wide vessels for cooking rice and other non veggies.


  1. For efficient use, place the food at the centre; Remember, microwave energy is dispensed more in the corners.


  1. For reheating do not overload the oven. Do it in batches.


  1. Regular stirring gives best results of cooking.


Well, No gadget comes without disadvantages, a few examples are mentioned below


  1. You would be spending money to buy specific utensils for microwave oven.


  1. Cannot expect authentic taste in some dishes.


  1. Should be very careful while using. If there is any accident, then there will be leakage of microwaves.


  1. As a result, there is a possibility of release of poisonous Beryllium after breaking.



Safe and careful handling would be the right approach to avoid any such incidents.


Cost involved:


Depending on the features and capacity, you would be able to find microwave ovens at costs ranging from Rs.3500 to Rs 33900.


Basic— Rs.3500-Rs13000 involves simple cooking, heating and defrosting.

Microwave with grill– Rs 4500-Rs 32000 simple cooking, heating, defrosting and baking

Microwave with grill with convection– Rs 8000-Rs 34000 simple cooking, heating, defrosting, baking and crisping.


Size of family capacity needed


2 Small 15 – 20 l

4 Medium 21 – 30 l

6 Large 31 – 42 l


Popular Models in India


1. SamsungC106 –28 l -6 power level-grill+ convection+ microwave – Rs12990

2. Samsung C105 –26 l-11 power- Rs.11000

3. Magicook30Cfeast -30 l- Rs.10700.

4. Whirlpool22C- 22 l – 8 power-Grill+ convection+ microwave- Rs.10990

5. LG MC8083mlr- 30 l- microwave+ grill+ convection – Rs.12400 to Rs.15900.





Although there are controversial thoughts of microwave oven, the usage is increasing in the world.

The process of cooking becomes effective, clean and happy with this appliance. With enough care you must be able to save a lot of precious time and cook more efficiently.


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