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4 Steps to bring the genius in your child and make her the Next Shakunthala Devi

Born on 4th November 1929, in Bangalore (India) Shakunthala Devi is hailed as the world?s fastest ?human Computer?. She began to show her exemplary skill of solving complex mathematic calculations at as early as five and through out her life she exhibited abilities of expert calculations.

Rated as one in 58 million for her stupendous mathematical feats by one of the fastest super-computers ever invented, the Univac-1108, Devi believed in using grey cells to silicon chips.

She is a world renowned child prodigy who has competed with the fastest super computer and won it.

These abilities as people say come by birth, however if you take a little care you could surely inculcate certain prodigical characters to your child. Here are four steps to bring out the real genius in your child.

  1. Do Not Waste Time

Nowadays it is very common to see children either watching TV or playing games in their game station.

Well when you want to inculcate certain special characteristics to your child the first thing that you have to do is- Planning.

Plan ahead ? what exactly you want? Choose the subject carefully taking into account the material you have handy for the preparation and then decide.

You have to make the choice beforehand such as music, studies( maths, science, space science, English) sport, or any other activity you feel would be of interest to your child and you would be comfortable with.

  1. Collect material

This is the next step; begin collecting information about the subject and the material required such as instruments or equipments for music or sport and so on. If you want your child to shine in any kind of subject begin collecting books about the subject. There are always manuals on how to study that particular subject in a easy manner.

  1. Make a Plan

Now plan on an outline of your plan, classes your child would need to attend or courses he would need in the future. How much you would be spending on it and who would take care of taking your child to these classes and so on. Well, if you really need your child to shine you surely need to make some sacrifices, the first one being spending separate time on it.

  1. Do Not Bore, Just make your child interested in it

Do not over do your subject, things may get messed up. Just make sure your child is genuinely interested in the subject and then pursue. If you find you child less interested, my serious advice would be to leave it alone.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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