Abdominal Crunches

abdominal crunchesThis is one of the easiest exercises for the abdominal region. But at the same time this workout has scored, the most inaccurate workout done by the people.

With minuet corrections this workout can be done effectively.

How to do Abdominal Crunches

1. Lie down flat on the floor, with your knees bent.

2. Place your hand on your chest or forehead.

3. Pull your upper torso forward

4. For effectiveness pull your chest up and keep your eye contact towards ceiling pushing your back flat on to the floor.

5. This movement will automatically lead you to do the work out correctly and effectively.

6. As a result this work out will increase the tension on the abs

7. For more intensity, hold for a moment and squeeze hard and return back to floor.

Common corrections

If it is done incorrect, it can strain your back. Never hold your breath, as abdominal plays an important role in breathing it may limit your work on your abs.

If you have a tendency of yanking on the back of your head, keep the hands of to the sides of the head if not it can lead to neck pain. To avoid neck pains keep your neck and head in line with spine.

Each rep should be carried out slowly and with full control, this is what will work the abs best. Don?t interlock your hands behind the back as it may limits the range of motion and you may not be able to stretch back as far.


  1. Hi, thank you so much for the information. I’ve been doing abd. crunches in the wrong way and your article has corrected me. Thanks a lot!


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