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The birth of a baby is one of the most delightful processes in this world. However, it also is the most complex one. The baby cocooned safely within the womb gets to meet the real world outside and this in itself is a very intricate thing.

The environment outside is not as soothing as within the uterus of the mother, right from breathing to nutrition needs to be met from an external source and not the placenta.

Your Baby’s body system needs to suddenly cope up to a work by on its own in unison as well make the required physiological adjustments to this new lifestyle. Although most babies do this naturally, some babies do have a difficulty while getting on with this new transitional process.

Some factors that make this transition challenging include

  • Premature delivery
  • Difficult delivery
  • Health problems during birth

Fortunately medical institutions have quite diligently established the NICU or the Neonatal Intensive Care Units and new-borns are being specially looked after.

NICUs And Human Errors

Giving birth to a child with health problems at birth is a very harsh reality for a parent to face. It is not an easy thing for them to see the tiny baby being needled or injected with numerous medicines and so on.

New born babies who are in need of intensive care and committed medical attention are admitted to NICU. Most NICUs though are fully equipped mostly rely on their health care professionals and staffs to provide timely specialized care for these tiny patients.

However since the medical care is totally dependent on the medical professionals in these NICUs there does occur human errors that leads to serious health issues to the baby and at times some irreparable loses too.

In India, out of 27 million babies born every year (2010 data), 3.5 million babies born are premature. Newborn deaths (those in the first month of life) account for 40 percent of all deaths among children under five years of age.

In 2016, an estimated 2,600 children died within the first 24 hours of their birth. For almost two million newborns, their first week was also their last. In all, 2.6 million children died before the end of their first month.

And all this with the presence of NICUs, many cases registered were of human error.

eNICUs – The Need Of The Hour

Most babies that are admitted in NICUs are premature, low birth weight or have some medical conditions. Such children need 24 hour medical supervision which is not possible only by medical staff.

Thus an Advanced Technology Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (eNICU) is the need of the hour. Apollo Cradle, India’s leading women and children’s hospital, has rightly sensed the need of new borns and the necessity of monitoring them around the clock, has recently launched their eNICU at the Capital of our country.

A cloud based system is installed that would manage the doctor’s and nurse’s workflow. This system automates the workflow of NICU resulting in reducing the responsibility and chances of error (if any) of the nurses, doctors or the administration. Now that’s something each parent would need right – to get their sick child monitored throughout.

The system comes with a screen that is the exact replica of the NICU workflow like admission form, assessment and nursing chart. It would capture the real time clinical parameters of each baby admitted in the eNICU and would gather the data coming from the multiple devices monitoring him/her.

It will help doctors and medical officials to monitor each baby from a central location. . In order to reduce the effort and errors, the system has automatic calculators for ordering, prescribing and monitoring the feed and medication statuses along with generating the progress notes of the hospital stay and even the discharge summary.

The Launch Of  Apollo Cradle eNICU

To bring about awareness about the benefits of the Advanced Neonatal ICU launched by ApolloCradleeNICU a launch event was recently conducted in New Delhi

Dr Anupam Sibal, De Avneet Kaur and Dr Gavrav Java graced the occasion and explained the importance of having a cloud based monitoring of the eNICU.

During the launch launch Dr. Anupam Sibal who is the Group Medical Director of Apollo Hospital Group & Senior consultant pediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, enlightened the participants that the eNICU at Apollo Cradle would enable the care of babies that is difficult in most other hospitals.

He also added that having your child monitored 24/7 will give relief to the parents especially the mother who is also in a lot of physical pain due to delivery. Conditions of mental trauma would be reduced for the parents and utmost care would be possible for the baby.

Benefits Of ApolloCradleeNICU

What Did Our Representative Who Attended the Launch Feel?

We had Mrs Parul Sunny Malhotra attend the launch of the ApolloCradleeNICU on behalf of Simple Indian Mom and below is what she felt.

“The memories of the first touch of the baby are something that every mother cherishes for life. It was over a coffee date with my “mommy gang” that we were discussing about the first time we held our baby in our arms.

Each one of us had a lot to say but one of us just had tears in her eyes and a chocked throat. It was after 10 years of her marriage and 9 IVF treatments that she conceived; but there was still some struggle in her cards. Her daughter was a preterm baby born in the 31st week weighing just 1.6 Kg.

She did not get a chance to touch or hold her daughter as the baby was immediately shifted to the NICU. Peeping through the window of the NICU, she waited for 28 days to feel that magical touch of her daughter. For all of us who had a smooth sail through our pregnancy and the child birth, this pain would be unimaginable (at least for me it is).

This was a bitter truth that I was quite far from so I decided to read a little about it only to find out that India has the highest rate of preterm birth in the world, accounting for 23% of preterm babies born globally. These babies are extremely vulnerable and usually die due to several complications.

During the treatment of the baby the progress reports are usually maintained by the nurses and the doctors in the NICU. Not just that but the calculations of the drug dose and nutrition (as per the changing weight of the baby), the maintenance of the real time data such as heart rate (coming from the devices connected to the baby) are noted manually.

Going through all this information the only question knocking my mind was that “How accurate this data could be? Aren’t the chances of error in the manual entries too high?”

The launch of the eNICU by the Apollo hospitals will definitely bring a revolutionary change in the health care department. The care of the preterm babies will get a new face with a better and an error-free care.

This launch helped me understand that it’s important to look out for comfort and distance when selecting a hospital for your delivery but also equally (or may be more) important to look for the facility and care that the hospital is enabled to provide. Because you always would want to provide the best care to your baby; isn’t it?

With almost all the data, calculations and prescriptions monitored around the clock by the cloud based system gives a sort of credibility to what is going on behind the doors of the ICU”.

Thanks to ApolloCradle for coming up with such a great facility.

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  1. This is great when there is a well-equipped hospital for the rescue of newborns. Pregnant women are always worried and nervous before giving birth. But when you fall into the hands of a specialist it becomes calmer.

  2. This is amazing that healthcare keeps on improving in India. How about those in the provinces? anyway, I like how the good doctor is wearing a sari to the event. Lovet!

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  7. Such an informative post for first time parents. It’s the parents responsibility to do some research about the hospital since the life of their new-born is at stake

  8. Wow this is really interesting tech that’s going on over there! I’m due sometime this month and very excited to be considered ‘term’as my baby was almost born at 31 weeks, but we managed it with medication. I stayed for an overnight observation, and we almost got transferred to a hospital with a NICU I was so shocked that our hospital didnt even have one! Kudos, thanks for posting this article and raising awareness.

  9. This is such an in depth post. pregnant will women will get a lot out of it…I’m not there yet but this was great info nonetheless.

  10. Such a very interesting and very informative post to read. Those are really important facilities to check before giving birth.

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  12. Very informative, this sounds like a great hospital to deliver your baby. Im really glad they take the extra time to treat these baby’s. Thanks for sharing all this information.

  13. My heart goes out to all those parents who have the NICU experience! My own oldest nephew and his wife, in fact, are among this number as little Benjamin was born nearly 3 months early. 🙁 Thank God for His intervention and the wonderful care of the NICU staff, little Benjamin overcame a rough start and is now doing great! 🙂

  14. It’s always good to feel secure with the neonatal unit you will have your child in, especially if something goes wrong.

  15. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to check the level of the hospital facilities. All we can do is reassure everything is alright for our baby.
    This is an informational post which should be read by every to be parent.

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  19. It’s always good to feel secure with the neonatal unit you will have your child in, especially if something goes wrong. I am so grateful we had such a good hospital that we went to for the birth of my daughter.

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  23. My daughter had twins girls that were born 8 weeks early and only 3 lbs each. The NICU at our local hospital was amazing. They took great care of them and now they are healthy 4 year olds!

  24. Every pregnant woman should definitely check out where they will be giving birth since the life of their baby is at stake. I’ve read an article how a baby had cerebral palsy because of the negligence of the hospital where she was born.

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