Ever heard of bamboo rice? Well not the paddy grain that is infused with bamboo juice, but the real bamboo rice.

Bamboos live for around 50 to 60 years and when they flower, it is understood that they are ready to die. Yes! Bamboo plants flower only once in their life time and then after fruiting they go into senescence, or death. Thus it becomes necessary for it to pack in all its energy and nutrients required to carry on its generations for next 60 years.


Bamboo Rice

Bamboo belongs to the grass family and its inflorescence is similar to other grasses such as wheat, rice and so on. The seeds of bamboo also look very similar in size and shape of the paddy rice. However, the seeds of bamboo or the bamboo rice as it is called is extremely nutritious and apt to be taken as a nutritive additive for children and adult.

The Bamboo flowers are whitish red in colour and bear 1/3rd inch sized seeds which look like barley seeds. Thus it is called bamboo rice.

Benefits Of Bamboo Rice

  • There is a light pungency in the smell of these seeds, however they are sweet to taste and are highly nutritious, in terms of high carbohydrates and vitamins.
  • There is no fat content in Bamboo rice and not much fibre either.
  • Bamboo rice is a very good supplement for children because it keeps the body fit and detoxicates the vital organs thoroughly.
  • It improves appetite and cures indigestion.
  • It relieves pain and acts in reducing heart enlargement too.

How to Consume Bamboo Rice

The bamboo rice becomes sticky when cooked as you do the other normal cereals and millets, hence it becomes necessary to know exactly what kind of perpetrations would be suitable with this Bamboo rice.

  1. Bamboo Rice Powder

Clean the bamboo rice and powder it, this is the easiest form of consumption, especially for children. One spoon of this powder every morning works magic with the children in increasing weight, alertness as well as becoming more active.

  1. Bamboo Rice Sweet Porridge

You can make porridge from the Bamboo rice, as I have mentioned earlier, bamboo rice when cooked become sticky and that is what makes the porridge a delicacy.

So where will you get Bamboo rice! You can get Bamboo rice from organic stores in your hometown. If not available you can get it from us, availability will be checked and reverted at the soonest.



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