2015 saw some of the huge moments of contouring but 2016 is going to look a lot natural. Look forward for a more natural and subtle look this year. Following are the beauty trends that you can look forward to.


  1. Eyes: Cat eyes and smoky eyes are still on the run, but the eye makeup is going to be subtler than before. Blue is everywhere this season. Whether used as a liner or all across the lids, it is going to be the warmest colour for this season. The eyelids are going to have a glittery finish to give a classy look to the eyes.
  1. Eyebrows: Feathery brows are going to be a rage. The arches of the brows are going to be having a brushed-up look.
  1. Natural Shades for Lips: Neutral shades of lipstick are going to dominate this year by pushing the crazy shades like blue to the backseat. So, have shades crimson, pink and nude shades with you in handy. Give a velvety finish to the lips by giving a matte finish.
  1. Flawless Skin: What makes the skin healthier than a natural glow? Use some lip gloss to highlight the cheek bones eyelids and the bridge of the nose to give that instant healthy glow.



  1. The ?Perfect? Cheeks: Get the kind of pink cheek like a small kid. Use the Blush on the cheek bones and to the hollow of the cheek and blend the areas to get an instant freshness to your face.
  1. Natural Nails: 2016 is all about getting a natural look. The nails are going to shed the trends in 2015 and going to look more natural with regards to its? shape. The classy French tip is going to dominate this year but with a twist.
  1. ?Effortless? Accessories: The style is to look cool by wearing an accessory or two effortlessly.
  1. Hairstyle:Bangs are coming back. There is going to be a mix of long bobs, cropped cuts and bangs. Braids and ponytails will never go out of fashion. But this year, they are going to be done in a different and unconventional way. Add style to your ponytail with ribbon or any fabric accessory. An imperfect bun is also making its way to the top. Run your fingers through the hair instead of using a comb or brush and tie it into a bun.
Image courtesy http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/bangs/ Image courtesy http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/bangs/%5B/caption%5D


  1. Contouring: Contouring will slowly phase out. Hence, it will be more gentle and more realistic like a slightly bronzed cheek bone.
  1. Fabric: The tie and die fabric is going to be seen everywhere. Pleats are going to be added to the dresses to add to the style quotient.
  1. Bags: Half Moon bags are here to stay and give a trendy look.

This year is going to have trends that is all natural and easily wearable. The beauty trends of this year is going to be more fun, more economical and more convenient. So, have a bold and daring look that would define the 2016 fashion.

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