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SIM ORGANICS Moringa Powder

Moringa Powder – The Super Food That Fights Cancer and Flushes Toxins with No Side Effects

The Benefits of Moringa Powder can never be describe or understood till you know what Moringa tree is and how it has been used for ages as a superfood. Drumstic or Moringa is an all time favourite of people of all ages – especially in South India. You can never miss that unique flavor and […] Read more…

vegetable cleaner, Pesticide Ridden Fruits And Vegetables

9 Most Pesticide Ridden Fruits And Vegetables

  Environmental Working Group is an organization that ranks pesticide contamination in the most common fruits and vegetables that is consumed in millions of households across the United States. Every year the organization publishes “Dirty Dozen”, which is a shopper’s guide to help the consumer understand the extent of pesticides and chemicals found in their […] Read more…

Recipe of Yam (Karunaikizhangu )

Why Do Yam Itch And How To Cook Them

Yam roast (Senaikizhangu and Karunaikizhangu in Tamil) would kindle anybody’s appetite and it goes as an excellent accompaniment with all the three courses of South Indian meal like Sambhar, Rasam and Curd Rice, as yam does not become mushy quickly and also retains its form; hence it is one of the suitable vegetables used for […] Read more…

make softest idlis

How to Make The Softest Idlis – An Art That Would Give You Satisfaction

How do you actually make such soft idlis -ask most of my friends, well here is the secret behind making softest idlis. In South India, the nest breakfast preferred by people of all ages is Idlis, and not without a reason. It is one of the healthiest protein packed breakfast served with a chutney or […] Read more…

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