Introducing books to your kids

Learning begins at the birth and grows throughout the child's life. Parents are responsible for both physical and mental health of their kids. Books...

Health Hazards of Fast Foods – 11 Reasons To Stay Away

The benefits of eating fast food outweigh the long-term implications for most people, Do your know the Health Hazards of Fast Food? However, once you...
Baby Day Care Safety

Child Day Care Safety – 6 Ways To Check Employee Identity

The National Policy for Children, 1974, declared children to be a 'supreme national asset'. Yes! The country has pledged to secure and safeguard all the...

Hemoglobin and Children ? Facts and Tips You Must Know

Hemoglobin is a protein molecule and acts like a bus which carries oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues and carries carbon dioxide...
Simple Indian Mom's Review Of Firefox Planet Foxers

Simple Indian Mom’s Review Of Firefox – Planet Foxers

As a child I remember getting attracted to adventure stories more than fairy tales. That was the reason why famous five or secret seven...
Advantages of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

Advantages of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

When you generally learn about the usage of copper ware in our tradition for storing and drinking water from copper vessel or throwing of...

20 Momma Quotes You Would Love to Read

  Mother is the epitome of love, how ever you want to describe her you can never be define her. Here is a list of...
5 Things for Every Mom Blogger Should Have To Become Successful

Top 5 Things That Every Mom Blogger Should Have To Become Successful

  I have been sitting in front of my computer for the past one hour thinking of one resource I have that I would like...

Caring For Your New Born – 1: The Basics

Your wait for the past 9 months is over and your bundle of joy is quietly sleeping in front of you. As new parents...

A Cup of Chai with a Friend – The Real Stress Buster for Moms

What would be the first thing you think of when you are really stressed out? A long Walk A Hot Bath A Quiet Sleep Or A cup Of Chai Well!...

Benefits of Nurturing Your Child’s Imagination

Importance Of Nurturing A Child's Imagination Being a mom of two little kids I have learned how important is to develop their imaginative skills especially...

Problems while Children are Growing up

It is Indeed a difficult job to bring up children .You are ( both parents ) so engaged and immersed in your own activities...

4 Super Cool Recipes to Soothe Your Kids This Summer

The summer is here & so is the much awaited summer holidays! The little darlings who are an excited bundle of energy can soon enough...

Have You Done Hearing Test For Your Newborn?

America's Preventive Services Task Force recommends, that hearing test for every new born has to be mandatorily carried out. Well, this is not without...
the joy motherhood

Career or Family – What Should A Woman Choose ?Discuss

As children you would often have realized that mother plays the most important part in your overall development, both your studies as well as...
Nebulization For Kids – How, When and Why

Nebulization For Kids – How, When and Why

“He needs nebulization”, the words went over my head and I still couldn’t register what was exactly told to me. “Ma’am, it’s a very...
Diwali Safety Precautions

Diwali Safety Precautions You Should Take To Keep Your Children Safe

With the festive mood that has been set up in the air owing to the proximity to the festival of lights ‘Diwali’, children are...
Featuring Simple Indian Mom Mercy Bella - A Real Woman Of Substance

Featuring Simple Indian Mom Mercy Bella – A Real Woman Of Substance

"Badshah, here - Badshah", calls out Mercy Bella and there, the majestic Tiger halted, maneuvered his stance with grace and turned to fondly look...

Seperation of Kamal Haasan and Gautami – 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves before Living...

Living Together is a no shocker now, however when I came to know about it I was shocked so much that when I think...
Naturally Get Rid Of Mosquitoes - Simple Indian Mom

5 Ways To Naturally Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Did you know that Native Americans used different types of plant extracts combined with animal fats to repel insects like mosquitoes? Mosquitoes have always...