Child Health Issues You Must Be Aware Of This Year

Is your child falling ill too often? Are you a worried mother and concerned more about your child?s health issues? You might have given...

How To Choose A Day Care Center For Your Toddler

6 figure Income, nuclear family, modern lifestyle and of course gated community, these are the words we normally hear off late. Every person wants...
Over Parenting


At times you do not know if what you are doing is parenting or overparenting, here is a mom with some questions and answers...
time management for wome


Time stays long enough for those who use it. Time management is crucial for everyone particularly women whether she is a working women or home...
the joy motherhood

THE GIFT OF MOTHERHOOD – Happy mothers day

THE GIFT OF MOTHERHOOD The feeling of motherhood is priceless and can never be compared to any gesture in the world. The challenges and anxiety...

Engaging children – Simple and Difficult Duty of Parents of today

In this fast world parents do not have the time to spend with their kids. During busy hours to keep their children's off from...

3 Common Parenting Mistake Every Parent Does

Parenting, as many parents perceive today is not a duty, in fact is an art of raising the kids. Although it is a great...

Silent Killer that Killed a 8 Year Old – Beware

It was a usual rainy day and I was having my evening tea, our family physician came by with a san face a slump...

5 Facts that Prove We Are Slow Poisoning Ourselves Daily First Thing Every Morning

It all started off as advertisements in the interval of movies in the theater, yes! Of course you remember too. The Bailwan, who uses...

20 Momma Quotes You Would Love to Read

  Mother is the epitome of love, how ever you want to describe her you can never be define her. Here is a list of...
How to choose the right school

How to Choose the Right School for Your Kids

  My friends and siblings have children just ready to go to school and I get call asking – How to choose the right school. This...
Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants

The Truth Behind Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants – A Review By SimpleIndianMom

Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants When it comes to products for children especially infants one thing I would want to know is how soft they...
Work From Home Moms

Work From Home Moms

Earn Rs 1000 per day doing just 10 minute of work! Instant cash system! Just read emails and earn in four figures! well, all these may seem...

4 Super Cool Recipes to Soothe Your Kids This Summer

The summer is here & so is the much awaited summer holidays! The little darlings who are an excited bundle of energy can soon enough...
Monsoon Season Precautions - Simple Indian Mom

8 Precautions You Need To Take To Avoid Health Problems This Monsoon

Monsoon has become a bit heavier than the past years and of course this is a reason for all of us – parents to...
Spend Time With Kids This Vacation Making Their Summer a Meaningful One

How To Spend Time With Kids This Vacation Making Their Summer a Meaningful One

  How to spend time with kids, this is one things I get often asked. Mindful parenting is something which makes you a better parent....

Parenting an Adolescent – Mindful advice

As a parent having a good, intelligent, obedient and loving child can give you all the joy in the world. However, parenting cannot be...
Online Laundry

Online Laundry – Fighting Every Woman’s Worst Nightmare

Washing heaps of clothes is every woman’s worst nightmare. It gets worse when you have kids at home because their day is incomplete unless...

10 Ways to Teach Manners to Your Children

It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men- Frederick Douglass Well, seems too real to be true right, in fact this is...
Featuring Simple Indian Mom Mercy Bella - A Real Woman Of Substance

Featuring Simple Indian Mom Mercy Bella – A Real Woman Of Substance

"Badshah, here - Badshah", calls out Mercy Bella and there, the majestic Tiger halted, maneuvered his stance with grace and turned to fondly look...