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Raising Children in Multilingual Environment – Good or Bad for Your Child

If you thought multilingualism would be taxing your child, you need not worry too much, because scientific research proves exactly the opposite. The perception and...

Seperation of Kamal Haasan and Gautami – 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves before Living...

Living Together is a no shocker now, however when I came to know about it I was shocked so much that when I think...

SWINE FLU – Symptoms and Vaccines

What Is Swine Flu? Swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus, made headlines in 2009 when it was declared a pandemic. It is...

Parenting Children With Special Needs

A ?Special Need? child may be any child having a mild learning disability to major cognitive impairment. It might be any one or an...
time management for wome


Time stays long enough for those who use it. Time management is crucial for everyone particularly women whether she is a working women or home...
Mind Mapping - Using Mindful Guidance To Guide Your Child

Mind Mapping – Using Mindful Guidance To Guide Your Child

When I came across the prompt of the day in #WTFOW I was totally into thinking which map to feature because the prompt of...

Why You should Not Give Health Drink Mixes To Your Children

With so many advertisements and media shouting in support of the many health supplements and energy drinks for children one really gets confused as...

5 Facts that Prove We Are Slow Poisoning Ourselves Daily First Thing Every Morning

It all started off as advertisements in the interval of movies in the theater, yes! Of course you remember too. The Bailwan, who uses...

Top Five Children’s Books You Should Get For Your Children

Reading habits have changed with time and we find children doing other things such as playing on smart phones, watching TV and so on....

Problems while Children are Growing up

It is Indeed a difficult job to bring up children .You are ( both parents ) so engaged and immersed in your own activities...
Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Mindful Pregnancy is something that I have been talking a lot about lately. You sure would not have missed the story of how Abhimanyu...

Overparenting – 10 Tips to Stop Overparenting

Parenting is a skill.But what about overparenting! Here is the second post for the contest! There is a fine line between the two which parents...
Grit The New Quotient

Grit The New Quotient You Should Look Out For Success In Your Child #WTFOW

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ and this is my post for Day 1 in response to the prompt ‘Write about...
Simple Indian Mom's Review Of Firefox Planet Foxers

Simple Indian Mom’s Review Of Firefox – Planet Foxers

As a child I remember getting attracted to adventure stories more than fairy tales. That was the reason why famous five or secret seven...

Diwali A Festival Of Lights Turned Into A Festival Of Sounds

Diwali the Festival Of Lights has always been special for me. When I was young it was the new dress, crackers, sweets and guests...
Diwali Safety Precautions

Diwali Safety Precautions You Should Take To Keep Your Children Safe

With the festive mood that has been set up in the air owing to the proximity to the festival of lights ‘Diwali’, children are...
How to choose the right school

How to Choose the Right School for Your Kids

  My friends and siblings have children just ready to go to school and I get call asking – How to choose the right school. This...

Introducing books to your kids

Learning begins at the birth and grows throughout the child's life. Parents are responsible for both physical and mental health of their kids. Books...

DIY Paper Puppets – The Easy Way to Engage Your Child

My Children are in fact in their happiest moods off late. Both of them are my main review team and there are product after...

Birth Spacing – The Foundation Of A Happy Family

Having already discussed about all the three trimesters of pregnancy, now it?s high time to discuss on birth spacing. So get ready to know...