8 Family Time Scheduling Tips Spending Quality Time with Family

  Prioritize your time Make sure you know what is important for you and your family and make time for it. It is not that you...
organic food for babies

Do You Know Why Organic Food for Babies – Is The Right Choice

Should I opt for Organic food for my baby? This is one question I am often asked. As a Parent, you would always want to...
Teaching Mindfulness to Children

Advantages Of Teaching Mindfulness To Children

When I speak to parents the first topic I naturally seem to go to is teaching mindfulness to children. Not because I need to...
Over Parenting


At times you do not know if what you are doing is parenting or overparenting, here is a mom with some questions and answers...
Baby Day Care Safety

Child Day Care Safety – 6 Ways To Check Employee Identity

The National Policy for Children, 1974, declared children to be a 'supreme national asset'. Yes! The country has pledged to secure and safeguard all the...

Pregnancy and Mood Swings – Sivaranjani

As the old saying goes "Pregnancy is a rebirth for every woman" I would say "It is a battle a woman faces every time...

Magic of Mother’s Touch

Midas might have found his gift a threat at end, but? Mothers Touch? is something that has always shown a difference in everyone?s life....

Seperation of Kamal Haasan and Gautami – 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves before Living...

Living Together is a no shocker now, however when I came to know about it I was shocked so much that when I think...
engaging children

How to Improve Your Childs Writing Speed

Children nowadays have become so much involved with visual treats such as cartoons, television, movies, and video games and so on that making them...

Chemicals in Cosmetics Might Cause Trouble for Your Kids

Skin being the largest organ in our body, is also the most exposed of all organs. The toll the pollution takes on our skin...
Blue Whale - game of suicide

The Blue Whale Suicide I An Open Letter To Indian Parents I Why You...

I have been meaning to write about the Blue Whale Suicide incident that was in mainstream media a few days earlier. And this prompt...
Breastfeeding Every New Mom Should Know

10 Facts About Breastfeeding Every New Mom Should Know

  Every new mom needs to know some important facts about breastfeeding and August being celebrated as the National Breastfeeding awareness month, lets not miss...

Modern Parenting and Summer Holidays – How To Engage Kids

Summer Holidays are that part of the year which are not bounded by school. It is that time of the year when kids find...

3 Ways To Overcome Declining Reading Habit Among Children

Declining reading habits has become a reason for worry, with the advent of summer every child is excited about the forthcoming summer holidays, and...
kids creative activities

Kids Creative Activities During Summer

// // This post is another sample submitted by Sanchita. Kids are full of energy. When this energy is channelized in right direction, by giving...
Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Mindful Pregnancy is something that I have been talking a lot about lately. You sure would not have missed the story of how Abhimanyu...

Cord Blood Banking Growing by Leaps and Bounds?

New estimates show that cord blood banking is the fastest growing segment in the stem cell bio-banking sector. Cord blood banking is slowly but surely...
Gardening for Children - Simple Indian Mom

How To Get Children Interested In Gardening

With the growth of technology we have forgotten to teach children to learn basic life lessons. Not long before there was this system of...
Work From Home Moms

Work From Home Moms

Earn Rs 1000 per day doing just 10 minute of work! Instant cash system! Just read emails and earn in four figures! well, all these may seem...

Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Welcome to the second trimester of your pregnancy, so you still are in the 'quiet months' area right, however the fourth month of pregnancy...