Celebrating Women's Month

Celebrating Women’s Month – The One Person Who Does not Stop To Inspire Me – My Mom

March is a special month for every woman! Yes! it is that part of the year when the whole world turns its attention towards women – owing to the International Women’s Day celebrations held on March 8. At Simple Indian Mom – We are celebrating this Month with stories of Inspiring women from different fields. […] Read more…

Teaching science in schools

4 Methods of Teaching Science in Schools Effectively

Science is a field that relates to the happening in our daily life. Science means to know, sometimes by doing things and sometimes by writing. Science is not only about understanding, it is about developing understanding. The curiosity inside among all is different. We start learning from the school. In India where pre-schooling and high school has […] Read more…

Gratitude and Child Growth

Gratitude List – How to Carve Your Childs Future With A List

In the past week my children Raksh  and Yishaanth are busy writing letters. Everytime I passed them I was feeling very happy,  what studiousness, they sure are going to be scientists. But a peep into their copies made me worried  and shocked (mixed emotions!) They were writing a long list – Wish list of things they wanted […] Read more…

Diwali Safety Precautions

Diwali Safety Precautions You Should Take To Keep Your Children Safe

With the festive mood that has been set up in the air owing to the proximity to the festival of lights ‘Diwali’, children are excited about everything brand new clothes, sweets, gifts, lights of every kind, new movie releases and crackers. Your “Parental Antenna” flares out and Diwali Safety Precautions are the top on YOUR […] Read more…

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