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Gifts Of Simple Indian Mom

2016 A Round Up And Gifts I Recieved

2016 has given me wonderful gifts that I would be cherishing for life. To start with I had great increase in my blog views and...

Seperation of Kamal Haasan and Gautami – 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves before Living...

Living Together is a no shocker now, however when I came to know about it I was shocked so much that when I think...

Happiness Is A State Of Mind-Discover Your Happiness Quotient -3 Days 3 Quotes

Quote Happiness is a Temporary State of Mind, With A Little Practice You Can Make It Permanent   Happiness is the ultimate goal of every individual. Happiness does not have...
Be A Winner

Are You A Winner – How To Win -Three Day Three Quotes

Quote No One Can Win You Until You Let Them To I was listening to the Dusherra debate as usual in television and I liked one point...

Simple Indian Moms September Gratitude – Trying To Say Thank You Friends

Blogging was a something that seemed to be a solo journey to me (Till Now) and then I stumbled Upon a lovely group! Blogchatter! I...

Malala Yousafzai – the epitome of optimism I have come to admire

  A clear shoot aimed to kill her in 2012, Malala Yousafzai has never stopped her fight for the rights of girls to have an...