Chhattisgarh Turns 16 – Raipur To Naya Raipur


Chhattisgadhiya Sable Badhiya!

Chhattisgarh Turns 16
Chhattisgarh Turns 16

Yes I am Chhattisgari now! And I am so proud to be Chhattisgari!

For many Chhattisgarh is synonymous to Naxalism, I have had people ask me “Is it really dangerous living there?”,

No Chhattisgarh is the safest place and I feel home when I am here.

When I celebrated the Rajyotsav or the state formation day this year, I was overwhelmed by the fact of how Chhattisgarh has become an integral and an inseparable part  of our lives.

A certain realization made me flabbergasted – how did I miss writing about Chhattisgarh, the beauty that is unexplored and her virgin sceneries that can bring tranquility to you.

So here – I am starting my journey to describe the pristine beauty of this gorgeous state.

Chattisgarh Turns 16

In 2000 this new state Chattisgarh was born from the womb of MadhyaPradesh.

Infact she was riven from Madhya Pradesh as did Lord Aiyyappa from the bones of Lord Vishnu!

16 years have passed by and now this 36 forted lady stands tall with pride – her strength and integrity – her strength.

It is not easy for a new state to be united and composed, this was possible due to the very nature of the people here.

Chhattisgaris are the most content people one would have met. They are happy with what they have and never greedy for more.

When there is no greed, there is no competition and then there is  happiness.

The Capital- Raipur

Raipur had been in existence since the 9th century – you would almost be  travelling through ruins that are centuries old in the midst of the city.

Raipur was once part of the Dakshina Kosala Kingdom. There are traces of Mauryan Empire here too.

The Kalchuri kings of Haihaya Dynasty are considered to have ruled here with Raipur as the capital.

If you had not visited Chhattisgarh for the past 6 years and are returning now – be prepared for the shock of your life.

Naya Raipur is contesting with peers to become one of The Best – Planned Cities in India.

Naya Raipur – The Planned Capital Of Chhattisgarh

The Naya Raipur is planned in the most aesthetic manner. You would love the newer constructions and features added to Chhattisgarh such as

  • Vivekananda International airport


Chhattisgarh Turns 16
Chhattisgarh Turns 16
  • Jungle Safari
Chhattisgarh Turns 16
Chhattisgarh Turns 16
  • Six Lane Roads Fully covered with LED lights
  • International Cricket Stadium
Chhattisgarh Turns 16
Chhattisgarh Turns 16
  • IIM

This is Naya Raipur, however for a traveler Chhattisgarh has more to offer, in terms of serene beauty, wild life photography, Jungle safari, demography, original content lifestyle, religious place and much more.

Tag on to make sure you catch my Chhattisgarh Series, be ready to take a plunge into True Undisturbed Nature.

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  1. Who would have thought that when it was created 16 years ago, Chhattisgarh’s progress and development would rival that of other, bigger states.

  2. Menaka, that’s such a great insight to Chattiisgarh ! As I have plans of visiting Raipur soon, it will be very helpful while i explore it.

  3. Never been here but I get your feeling. I am also from a small town but now settled in Mumbai yet in my heart my home still lies there.

  4. Wow, 16 years…..It is good that after its formation, things have progressed. I hope every state in India undergoes development while keeping the natural resources in mind.

  5. Thanks for all this information about chattisgarh Menaka..I didn’t know all this. Happy to know that you like staying there. 🙂

  6. Loved reading your post. Thanks for sharing the info about Chattisgarh. My hubby got a transfer to Chattisgarh last month. But he didn’t accept the offer due to the fear of naxalites. Now I feel for that.

  7. Very cool. I was born in Chattisgarh and proudly identify myself as one. Great to see the developments in Raipur – would love to visit it sometime soon.


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