As a parent we are always worried about how our children spend their time after school. With most families having both the parents working it is becoming a great point to ponder. Engaging children is something that is eating away half of parent discussions, be it online or offline.

Television, when it penetrated our houses seemed to be a boon, because children who were otherwise pestering parents for attention seemed to be intrigues with the new tube boxes that come up with lots and lots of imagination and animations.

However it is not the same off-late, in fact there is so much of addiction to television nowadays that parents have again began discussing about how to take their child away from the front of the Idiot Box.

There are quite a number of things one can do, like playing with children outdoor, spending more time with them and diverting them with other activities. Flintobox is one such novel diversion a parent would long for.


When Hariharan from Flintobox contacted me for a review of their product, I was in fact a little doubtful. More because of the cost of these boxes I saw while I checked online. Hariharan however, was really clear with his proposal – Try our product and then give your review – nothing more and nothing less.

The clarity and the way it had been proposed made me inquisitive and here I am writing away about an awesome product that made me a little overwhelmed to be using for the betterment of my children.

Well, I did ask them to send the product whatsoever, so that I could have an idea of what really is going into these boxes.


For starters, the packaging was really amazing and eco-friendly too (that really took me by surprise, since I am an eco person too).

The sample was a Flintobox world traveller kit, My doubtful horns did spring out to see if they were the same as the many Chinese products mushrooming in the market by the hour. of course it looked somewhat similar. But, wait, let’s have a detailed tour.

The kit was a may month activity (hey! they have a monthly activity kit, sound’s great isn’t it?)

There were four activities, each kit was neatly packed in cloth pouches(eco here too, Yes!)

The activities were

  1. Day 1 – Create


The kit included felt cloth – different colours and different shapes, there was instruction to make flags of countries like Italy and China and so on. Bith Raksh and Yishaanth were quite excited making these flags.

I had clearly planned that I would be giving them the activities one by one (Frugal Me!) and that worked, the children were thorough with the color and shapes of the flags of four countries in no time.

2. Day 2 – Explore

Day 2 was actually more fun, I almost felt like writing a positive review for this product on that day itself.


The kit had a world map, some images of popular tourist spots such as the Machu-Picchu and Taj Mahal, the first activity was to stick these images to the right spots on the map. this gives your child better mind coordination, because he would require to identify exact outline of the image and stick it these using a two way sticker.

The came the most enjoyable game, there were cards of different colours and different places. There were two maps with lists of images of tourist spots. Each player had to hold one. Then came the stack of cards. Raksh began reading( Yishaanth is still trying to read) the cards, it was a description and a small(one line) history of the spot.

The game ( oh! I don’t think I should give away the whole scheme and the fun, can I?) was really really engaging and Both Raksh and Yishaanth now know of the different continents, oceans, many important monuments and of course some history too.

On a whole the activity is not a one timer, you can get along playing it again and again, because of the target that is given which the children love and keep competing with one another.

3. Day 3 – Play


This again is a wonderful time-pass plus a learning experience for the children. It is a ball game and children actually become good in their geographical knowledge while playing, and believe me, this happens without them knowing that they are actually learning.

4. Day 4 – Passport


This is a bonus activity, my children are running crazy with thee passports they have made, asking us to take to so many countries. Yishaanth has come up with so many new country names, and hey! I am really loving it.


So with the basic explanations done, here I am with the advantages you would get when you buy a Flintobox activity

  1. They engage your child very well and you are sure to get your moneys worth of activity from each box.
  2. Its a fun way of learning and would easily register in your child’s mind than the normal way of learning.
  3. Your child will be enthusiastic to play rather than watch the same old Doremon on TV because of the colourful presentation and simple to understand technology used.
  4. Its made from cardboard so you can feel safe for the child to play with it.
  5. Team games introduce children to more conversations and cooperation among them which is rare while sitting in front of the idiot box.


Well, we sure have a few glitches too.

  1. The pricing, when compared to similar products available, is a little on the higher side. I would give it to the plastic less make of the product, yet, there is a point to worry here.
  2. The coins made of soft sponge can cause chocking hazard for toddlers (if they are around).
  3. Parents guidance is imperative, so if you are an office goer you are at a disadvantage, your child needs to be taught beforehand about the game.
  4. The maximum one box can be played would be a week, so you need to buy more than one box a month.

However, as a parent I am quite satisfied with the product. It is a great entertainer and engages children unconditionally along with imparting a whole lot of knowledge into their cute little tiny brains – which is very important.

I would recommend the product for all parents, especially for children who are glued to the Television.



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