Right Nutrition for child
Giving Your Child The Right Nutrition
Are You Giving Your Child The Right Nutrition

Food and nutrition for kids is always top priority for a mom! And using a diet chart isn’t the easiest route to take either as getting the actual food items into your child’s mouth is a difficult undertaking. I have been there and experienced that, and I’ve had thoroughly enough!

It’s also disheartening to see your child looking skinnier than some of his playmates; it can really break your heart and make you feel like the worst momma in the whole universe.

I say DON’T PANIC! You’re not alone; I’m quite sure a large number of the moms out there feel the same when it comes to their child’s nutrition. Of course, you have to keep in mind:- You do not want an obese child, you want a healthy child.

Enhancing Nutrients with PediaSure

PediaSure Plus
Are You Giving Your Child The Right Nutrition

Children get into the habit of choosing food that only goes well with their taste buds. It’s our responsibility as parents, however, to make sure that the food is nutritious for them too. You could try different recipes and see which ones they like the most.

It is common knowledge that energy is provided by carbohydrates and fats, hence providing these in the right amount is necessary.

Children also need muscle building proteins, vitamins and minerals for better strength – both physical and mental.

Providing vitamins and minerals regularly is not only difficult but is next to impossible, and that’s where PediaSure comes in.

PediaSure for kids could play an important role in providing balanced nutrients in a tasty form that’s just right for the children. It’s available in 3 flavours – Vanilla, Kesar Badam and Premium Chocolate.

PediaSure Usage – Making a Diet Chart for Your child

I have always made it necessary to plan meals beforehand so that I do not have to deal with force-feeding my child. This is a practice I recommend to all mothers. I recently found another component that could be of tremendous help to my daily plan – PediaSure.

You could add PediaSure to your morning milk (though it can also be had with water just as easily) rituals or try experimenting with PediaSure recipes. This way you will ensure that you add the required nutrients (37 in all) in the right amounts to your child’s diet. Do keep in mind that PediaSure is not meant for children with galactosemia or those who are lactose intolerant.

PediaSure Nutrition Apart from protein, vitamins and minerals, PediaSure powder has a prebiotic (fructooligosaccharides, FOS) and probiotics; bacteria that can be ingested to benefit intestinal health.

The functional bacteria work great for digestion as well as the overall health of the intestines, which is very important for the overall health of your child. That was the microbiologist in me doing a little research on PediaSure. It has a combination of FOS and probiotics that help maintain healthy intestinal microflora, support a healthy immune system and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Pediasure has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the number of sick days in children with nutrition gaps, thus a glass of this to start with in the morning, is going to kick-start your child’s system and get it ready for the whole day.

I decided to see if all of this was true and began using this with my own child. Please do stay tuned to the blog for updates on my #MyPediaSureJourney so that I can give you more details through my #90DaysWithPediaSure.

In case you decide to go the same route, your local chemist or grocery store carries the product or you could also get PediaSure online from the company’s website.

Abbot approached me to participate in their #90DaysWithPediaSure campaign, however all opinions, views and experiences shared in this post are my own and have in no way been influenced by the company.


  1. I used to give Pediasure to my son when he was young.Noticed that it was making him so full that he was not eating his meals properly.So stopped it so that he will continue with regular meals

  2. I gave pediasure for sometime to my daughter after the doctor recommended it for her…but stopped giving it as it was not making any difference….and it was so extremely sweet…..

  3. Hmm, hearing a lot about this product. I guess if the kids are not having a balanced diet, this should take care of that lack. Thankfully my kids are grown up so over with the fussy eating days!


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