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Storytelling is a wonderful skill. Children are natural experts in storytelling as their young mind is full of imagination. Encouraging this skill in children helps them to improve their vocabulary, develops the love towards reading and kindles their imagination.

Isn’t that what we keep speaking of in Mindful Parenting. That is the one important reason I found myself attracted to MyPedia Reader an initiative of Pearson India.

Recently, Pearson India launched ‘MyPedia Reader’ on 29th November 2017. The product was launched to educate and encourage the aspiring young minds to develop and display their creativity in the form of writing.

In addition to the launch, a workshop was also conducted to help the children develop their inbuilt storytelling skills. Here is an insight into the workshop that was conducted.

MyPedia Reader -The Workshop

A child’s imagination is fearless and unflinching. Every child has stories to tell. The only obstruction is finding a way to express it. MyPedia Reader supports the creativity and imagination of the child.

The workshop was conducted to understand the imagination inside the child’s mind. It also helped the children find a way to express and retell the stories they have in their mind. The workshop was conducted by the MyMedia event  with a single agenda- To encourage the young minds and to

  • Understand the way the stories are built.
  • Give an artistic foundation to the story they build.
  • Then, move on to create a complete story.

The workshop was designed to

  • Help the children to tell stories about children and to
  • Help the children to express what they think and how to form a story out of it.
  • Help to build better stories.
  • Help to communicate to a larger audience.

Active Participation – Children Leading The Way

The workshop was attended by children from across the country ready to savour the selected stories which were 48 in number from 1500 entries. They were given the opportunity to present their own story in a creative and confident manner. In fact, the whole session was like a touch of magic.

The workshop was conducted to create awareness about three important factors:

  • Enhancing the storytelling
  • The way of expressing and retelling stories that are in the young minds.
  • Developing the Writing skill.

In fact, I personally believe that the above three factors are interconnected. A story becomes more alive and more presentable only when all the three factors are used properly.

Also, children were given an opportunity to illustrate their stories, which was amazing and quite interesting. You can see this video of how these children intrigue you into reading more and knowing what happens next in their story. You can buy the published book here , a collection of 48 short stories, by young authors.

My Pedia Reader Books

The workshop was followed by the unveiling of the books by young authors, by children themselves. I loved that feeling of joy and excitement on each child when his/her story was getting into black and white and all launched perfectly to the audience.

Isn’t it quite interesting to see children writing stories for children? It gives immense satisfaction too, to see the future generation join hands in a fruitful workshop that helps them discover their true potential! Hoping to see more of these workshops in different parts of India

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