Happiness is Within You Not Outside

Happy Sunday
Happy Sunday


Happiness is not decided by where you are or what you are doing. It is not a measure of what you have. In fact if you think about it, Happiness is a feeling that comes from within you and stays on till you are comfortable with it.

It can be cultivated with practice and control over your thought process.

  1. Embrace Yourself

Observe yourself, your habits, your way of talking, how you walk, what you enjoy, your interests and so on. Begin becoming comfortable with them.

How do you exactly embrace yourself. Don’t feel sorry for what you are, such as your voice or inherent habits that makes the unique you. if you find that some habits are not you and you want to change them, make an effort and change them.

However never go by a standard someone else set. It is your life and you decide your standards. If it is not acknowledged by others, you do not have to worry. You identify the unique you and carry yourself with dignity.

      2.  Accept and Embrace Your Body

Happy SUnday Quote
Happy Sunday

The media and the world around you has successfully shove clichéd images of men and women as being perfect. However this is done for the economic benefits of corporate giants and companies producing health and beauty products.

A recent study says that more than 91% of people around the world are unhappy with how they look.

Well, don’t be one among them, practice loving your body. It is perfect for you and you need not worry about how you look. All you need to worry is whether you are healthy.

      3. Develop Your Strengths

List out your strengths honestly, Write down everything, however small it might look to you, just write them. By strengths I mean not the ones you feel you are better than others, this is not a comparative strength, it is your unique strength.

Begin appreciating these traits in you and work on them to enhance them further.

Accept those strengths, work on them and enjoy them.

Do not care for acceptance of others or people around you, what matters to you need not be controlled by others. Have that unique attitude with you and carry it with poise.

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  1. We often ignore ourselves and always look for beauty outside and that’s where we outdone our spirits. Loved your take on happiness, Menaka! 🙂

  2. True That Romila! There are people who can never find happiness because they never try to. All that they are concerned are comparing their personal lives with others and this in fact pulls them down deeper into sorrow.

  3. We realize that negative emotions and feelings are never the conscious desire, but rather it is the beliefs and expectations that have then required and allowed for a negative reaction. Many look to the future to bring to them the peace and happiness they seek. “I’ll be happy when, or I’ll find the peace of mind if”. But the future is determined by the choices you make in the now. How can you expect to create something different than what you have, if you do not change what you do in the now? Maintain the joy and peace that you seek in this present moment, and you will surely attract more situations that will continue to please you; to give your focus to your fears, concerns, and worries will only bring to you more to be worried about. Remember if you are worrying, you are focused on the future, if you are regretful you are focused on the past, only by being fully present in the moment can you find the inner peace and happiness that you seek.

  4. You must first find the happiness that already exists within you and only then will you find the happiness that you seek. Many are under the impression that if they only accomplish a goal, obtain a particular product, or find the perfect partner, they will surely find the happiness that they seek. But this cannot be so, as everything in your reality is only a mirror of the feelings and vibrations you are pulsing out. It would be similar to expecting the mirror to show a more youthful and vibrant image of you and only then will you feel the youth and vibrancy you seek. The image that the mirror reflects can’t change unless you do.


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