hip raise exercises

This hip raise exercise focuses the abdominal muscles directly across the front of the body. This muscle supports your lower back and strengthens your abs. Hence its focus falls on abdominal muscles it helps in protecting the internal organs.


Lie on your back with your hands placed side on your body(palms down near the hip)

Raise your head and shoulders for 2-3 inches.

Keep this position parallel to the floor.

Know extend and raise your leg pointing towards the ceiling about 4 inches from the floor.

Bring your legs up and raise your hips completely off the floor and hold the position for three seconds.

Now bring back your legs to your first position and wait for two more seconds in this position.

Now slowly get back to the rest position.

Common corrections.

Always see to it that your hip stays parallel to the floor even while you are rising. Each rep should be done slow and steady so that it works on the corresponding part of your body. After raising your head and body always keep an eye that you make your self relaxed and then go for the next option. Always breathe out on the way up and in on the way down. Never use your arms to help get your hips in the air and also don’t raise your hips too high.

Finally it is to get your hips up of the floor by using your abdominal muscles and not how much you raise your hip as you can.


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