Children Dresses

Children and Dresses – The Most Expensive Affair Ever

Have you given a thought of how much you pay for the children’s dresses? Well I often do. Every time I go shopping especially...

Gestational Diabetes – Facts You Must Know

Gestational Diabetes or Diabetes during prgnancy is a concern off late. With pregnancy being precious and each child seen as a boon, one can...
#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse - Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society

#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse – Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society

Men are always men! You can say this easily in India and go about carrying on with your daily routine. There is not even a...
How to Work From Home

How To Work From Home

Tomato Pickle

Tomato being a very soft vegetable is very difficult to store in the form of pickle for more than six months. However, I have...
Watering Your Organic Terrace Vegetable Garden

Watering Your Organic Terrace Vegetable Garden – When and How

Watering your organic terrace garden doesn’t mean that you pour some water to the plants and forget them, there is more to it. You...
Tips To saving and investing

Saving And Investing – Basic Difference You Should Know

Once the monthly expenses are paid off, the remaining money is set aside for Saving and Investing. So do you exactly know what you are doing? Saving...

Did Sleep Deprivation Kill Ranjan Das?

image freedigitalimages.net There is a common belief offlate that a fit body and balanced diet are all that is required to acquire a healthy mind...

Miraculous Benefits Of Coconut Oil Akin to Mother’s Milk

Do you know that Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil on Earth? In South India, we begin any goog deed by breaking coconuts. Poojas...

Have You Tried These 3D Curtains For Your Homes

When it comes to the decor of your home, curtains take the most important role. A beautiful curtain placed in the right place can...


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Welcome to the second trimester of your pregnancy, so you still are in the 'quiet months' area right, however the fourth month of pregnancy...

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4 Steps to bring the genius in your child and make...

Born on 4th November 1929, in Bangalore (India) Shakunthala Devi is hailed as the world?s fastest ?human Computer?. She began to show her exemplary...

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The definition of the modern Indian homemaker has changed for the better, as women are starting to juggle more and more responsibilities, right from...

12 Ways Philippines Would Help You De-stress Yourself

Philippines is a fantasy land with beautiful atmosphere and skilful people. It’s numerous beaches, volcanoes and other scenic beauties are God’s gift to that...

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