Nothing is more frustrating than a child with fever. And thinking of the many chemicals that are used to bring down the fever increase your temperature. And that’s why we keep searching for ways on how to treat fever naturally

None of the parents can stay cool when their child is heating up. So they have a tendency to rush to pediatrician with their kids even with a mild fever.

Remember fever by itself is not an illness instead it is the natural defense mechanism of the body against infectious organisms like bacteria and viruses or due to other environmental factors. That means fevers are always useful and does not harm anyone. The fevers caused by bacteria and viruses usually do not exceed 104 degree.

So fevers should not be suppressed instead they should not be taken seriously and you should respect the body’s innate immune mechanism. Fevers should be considered as your well wisher and should not be suppressed by aspirins, Tylenol and the like.

Of course, none of you would want your kids to suffer. Just for that reason if you are going to put full stop on the fever you will be responsible for converting short term illness in to long term disease. So instead of thinking of ways to suppress the fever treat the disease that responsible for building up fever, this in itself answers to how to treat fever naturally.

How serious is your child? Are there any symptoms of ear infection, cold, or chicken pox, mumps? You have to be serious about such things

When Should A Child Be Taken To Hospital?

If the fever rises above 104 degree , then the fever is not normal and you must be alert and check if the child has sore throat, ear infection, stomach infection and irritable. If you notice the following conditions immediately consult a doctor.

  • The child doesn’t respond to natural remedies for 3 days.
  • Shows rolling eyes
  • Infants under 6 months
  • If the child shows extreme irritability
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain while urinating
  • Head ache and stomach pain.
  • Becomes unconscious
  • Looks really sick

How To Treat Fever Naturally – Home Remedies

  • Herbal remedies – To Treat Fever Naturally

Herbal teas containing chamomile, rosemary, Red clover and peppermint can be given to kids older than 2 years. Half cup of the tea can be given up to 4 times a day for 2 days.

rosemary herbal tea bags

Treat Fever Naturally

As for infants who are breast feeding, the mother can take the herbal tea which will be passed to the baby along with the breast milk.

  • Essential Oil – To Treat Fever Naturally

A cloth dipped in cold water mixed with few drops of lavender essential oil can be used to wipe the child’s fore head for bringing down the temperature.

how to Treat Fever Naturally

  • Fluids


How to treat fever naturally – Tips and Home Remedies

When most of feverish children will be unwilling to take food and water and so they get dehydrated. So you can give fruit juice, hot soups,herbal tea to prevent dehydration.

  • False fever

Over bundling of the child is the main cause of false fever. So parents should take care to unclothe your kids if their temperature begins to rise.

  • Garlic

Garlic has many anti bacterial properties. So it is good that you introduce garlic in their food. You can give child soups with garlic or you can massage the feet of the feverish child with garlic and olive oil before going to bed.

  • Sponge bath

Give them a sponge bath with luke warm water for less than 20 minutes. Do not use any alcohol or cold water for sponge bath.

You can make use of these remedies for recovering from high temperature during fever instead of rushing to a hospital. But make sure if your child doesn’t react to the natural treatment for 24 hours immediately consult a pediatrician.


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  1. My son is 9 months old DOC.. Right now living in Kuwait from last 2 months. Here the climate is too cold so ma son is having cold & cough which doesnt allow him to.sleep. can u.suggest home remedies for this..

    Thank u…

    Ur suggestions are appreciated 🙂

  2. A must read article for the season where most kids are getting fever. The tips given are also so simple and can follow ones, But I have a doubt,when u explained abt lavender oil, is it safe to use cold water to dip the cloth or even hot water can be used?

  3. I think this is among the most significant information for me.
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  4. Presence of a purulent lesion (pus) in any part of the body also presents with high fever. Also if the fever is associated with Gastro intestinal( commonly called GI) disturbances like diarrhoea and vomiting, it is very important to consult a medical practitioner.

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