A recent report published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation has reported that India tops the list of world?s highest population of illiterate adults at 287 million. Although the rich seem to have achieved universal literacy in India, the poor seem to be projected to attain such literacy rates only by 2080.

This huge disparity in India, in fact emphasizes on providing target support to increase literacy to those who need it the most. The governments do set high goals every year committing to achieve better literacy rates among the most disadvantaged groups by proiding a number of #Scholarships, however, these goals most often are not achieved due to various reasons.

Education is the basis of development and in fact is an index that gives you the actual growth and development of a nation. It is the basic requirement of economic development of individuals of any Nation.

This perpendicular disparity and an enormous population who have been denied access to proper schooling is one of the worst disadvantages our country is facing today. Provision of a school to cater the needs of the disadvantaged is indeed the need of the hour. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari there are innumerable places where children are denied education due to various reasons mainly poverty, child labour, absence of a school at reachable distance, absence of responsible teaching staff and so on.

Varanasi -The Holy City

Varanasi, popular as the religious and cultural center of India, in recent times is seeing more population and pollution, it would have ever seen since time immemorial. This mainly is due to the traditional belief that a dip in the holy Ganges would relieve you of all the sins committed in one?s life.

Thus, Varanasi considered as the holiest of Indian cities is today the most sought out city in the name of holy pilgrimage. This has naturally lead to influx of a number of merchandise related to pilgrimage, from hotel industry to food, malas to mantra and so on. This brought in people from all walks of life to settle in the city. You sure would not miss any sort of comfort in Varanasi if you were to travel there.

However, such huge market and related industry has lead to child labour in every form. You would be able to see young children selling things on road, washing utensils and serving in hotels, cleaning vehicles, helping in many other chores one would need to stay comfortably. Doing this, although the children do earn a living, they in fact are denied education which would make their life a lot better.

Journey of Doing Right

These children if guided properly would be able to spend their time in an enhanced manner rather than just wasting it pointlessly. Under the leadership of Ajeet Singh, an NGO Guria, has come up with an innovative idea of a ?boat school?. This Varanasi boat school aims at providing all the facilities such as good class room, a well equipped library, computer with internet and so on which can bring about an ideal learning environment and attract these children.

The basic plan is to make the children spend two hours o their day in this boat school so as to get accustomed to the environment filled with educational CDs, books, toys and the like. This would naturally give a boost to their interest in gaining knowledge.

However such an effort will be impossible without enough monetary funds, especially when it comes to getting the interiors of the boat school transformed into an attractive place. Thus the NGO is now keen on getting help from like minded people and institutions who would like to extend a helping hand to educate these children so to bring about a magical transformation from mere hand to mouth earning to something better.

The future of our country lies in our children, if some segments of these children are left unnoticed, there would be serious imbalance in the overall development of the country. Essentially one has to put a small thought on what it would be to live in a society where a great part is uneducated and could be easily influenced towards evil deeds.

It is thus very important that education to all sections of our society is given so that these children who, due to diverse reasons have been abandoned on the roads of Varanasi and not given proper education. It is time for us to Do Right. For further information about the Boat school and the activities of the NGO click here http://www.doright.in.

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