Keeping Up With Trend


Women tend to be quite trendy till they get married and some even after that child birth. but after that many women somehow seem to forget about their personal necessities and concentrate too much on their children, husband and family.

Taking Time for Yourselves

Though every other relation is very important to you, you have to understand that you have to be mentally fit as well as physically healthy to keep them happy. Thus to keep yourself in a balanced state of mind you have to spend a portion of your day for yourself alone, be it in exercising, meditating, painting, reading your favorite magazine or shopping.

it is this time that you spend for yourself that is very important.

Work Out

Work out is a good way to spend some very precious time for yourself. this exerts you burning the fat accumulated in your body as well initiates hormonal activity that freshens your day.

begining a day woith a work out is one good way keep your mood light and happy.


Shopping your monthly groceries is not the kind of shopping I am talking about. that is done as a duty rather than pleasure. Go on a shopping spree just to have an idea of what is happening around. You can check it online too.

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This is another important practice that you have to consider including in your daily schedule. Meditation helps you in planning your day, making things systematic and also giving the much needed internal peace of mind.
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You would overcome depression and stress if you are able to meditate for at least half an hour a day. this does not mean that you have to start becoming religious, you can concentrate on a flower like rose for example, or light or even sky. the focus here is to keep your mind clear of things that you do not want to clutter there.

Just throw those unwanted depressing thoughts away.

One of my friends asked me once if I realy was able to be without any thought for a complete hour. well, human mind has never practiced this, and if practised regularly it would surely be possible. however as earthly as I am, I assure you that I could never stay thoughless for a long period of time.

but withing that long period there surely is a very short but a clearly demarcated thoughtless period. this short span slowly seems to be increasing and has given a sort of enlightening too.

Keeping up with trend does not mean the external well being alone, it has to begin from within and end outside, thus make yourself happy and comfortable, take time for yourself this would in itself make others around you happy.



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