It is not uncommon in India for self- styled godmen to be in controversy, we have seen and ignored most of them. Of course many godmen were seen to slip somewhere or other however seldom we see a god woman reel controversy.

Radhe Maa ? the self styled God Women was in news for many wrong reasons, the first among them being a case of Dowry against her. And then came in the controversial video of her dancing to bollywood number, her dressing style while shopping and so on. Well let us know in depth of who Radhe Maa is and the controversy behind her in this recent past.

The Lady in Red

Radhe Maa, as she calls herself is Sukhwinder Kaur from Gurdaspur village, Punjab. Her official blog claims that as a child she had spent more time listening to Gurbani and also in a Kali temple in her village. After marriage her husband went to work abroad and the emptiness was filled by the outworldly sensation. (source ?

As she began portraying herself as goddess Durga, a Hindu organization opposed it, so she moved to Mumbai (Mumbai Mirror) her husband and her two sons then followed her to Mumbai (who are said to be their disciples and have accepted her as their guru, claim her devotees).

She carries a ?Trishul?, gives ?Darshans? , distributes ?Langar? and calls herself as ?Devi Avatar?


A FIR was filed against the said godwoman under prohibition of dowry act, owing to a complaint given by a 32 year old women who has alleged that Radhe Maa instigated them to harass her in demand of dowry.(NDTV NEWS)

Another complaint was given by a lawyer who attended one of the satsangs, felt that her satsangs were less devine as posed outside, and was worried that people were in fact ?conned in the name of religion?. (Times Of India)

However recent photos doing a gala round in the social sites depicting her in a shopping spree wearing bizarre dress for a god woman seems to be creating a lot of disturbances among the people who question the ascetic lifestyle portrayed by various religious godmen and godwomen.

Her Clearance

The Official website of Radhe Maa says that all her devine power of attorney was given to Chhoti Maa, who is said to be her foremost disciple, who has been with her since childhood. Another Prominent disciple Talli Bai is said to form a layer of restriction between the followers and the godwoman, thus she claims to have less knowledge directly of the devotees.

However following the complaint she has been denied permission to participate in the Nasik Kumbh Mela?s shahi snan.(Time of India)

Well, her devotees, many of who are from Bollywood and are high profile celebrities have not been affected with all these controversies.


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