Recent times have seen a surge in the growth of health sector all over the country and especially in the big cities. Known as the IT hub of the country Bangalore is keen on getting into the list of healthcare provider along with the four major metros. Bangalore has now begun aiming at giving best medical facilities to her citizens as well as for people from other states and countries.

With rise in medical tourism the industry has taken special care in bringing up global standards in the health sector by threading in top medical practitioners and building state of the art infrastructure in the city. Some of the known names in healthcare in Bangalore include Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, BGS Global Hospitals, Mallya Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Manipal Hospitals and so on.

Bangalore as Medical Hub

Experts in the field opine that Bangalore would soon emerge as a health and medical hub in the country second only to Chennai and Mumbai. Private Hospitals in Bangalore has seen a tremendous growth and reverse brain drain phenomenon has effectively brought a number of highly qualified professionals from around the world to work in these hospitals.

The city is gaining name principally in cardiac surgeries and is credited to have conducted the highest number of pediatric cardiac surgeries in the country. About 30% of cardiac surgeries of the country have been successfully done in the city.

Medical Tourism in Bangalore

People from various countries have begun looking at Bangalore as a very good destination for quality health care at affordable prices. In fact Speciality hospitals in Bangalore provide the best modern health care facilities and are considered just next to leading hospitals of Chennai and Mumbai.

In general patients are in the lookout for hospitals that have good infrastructure, friendly atmosphere, cordial hospitality and good support after treatment and follow up. Such conditions when provided would attract patients effectively.

This along with the pleasant weather conditions, modern outlook of the city and rise in English speaking folk in the city plays crucial role in attracting people for medical tourism and medical value tour to Bangalore. However, experts feel that more work has to be done in the marketing side to attract more patients to these hospitals.

Some of the best hospitals in Bangalore still have not ventured into marketing strategies and campaigns that are seen elsewhere in India or Singapore. This along with certain licensing shortcomings if regulated would give better results in medical tourism and attracting more patients from India as well as abroad.

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