For years it has been fed into our minds that marriages are made in heaven, as if someone sits above us and does nothing other than arranging who should be married to whom.

Well, I personally feel marriages, both love or arranged are very well made on our earth within a very small circle of our acquaintances or acquaintances of our acquaintances or acquaintances of our acquaintances? acquaintances.

Yes, this is true in every sense, if it were a love marriage you would naturally fall in love with a person whom you have met somewhere and have known him or her for a good period of time so that you would be able to offer to share a great part of your life.

On the other hand if it is arranged marriage, you parents search for a partner in circles that most suits you and that is surely not going to be too far off either.

Love Marriage

Love marriages happen when two new people get to know each other, learn the likings and disliking?s of one another, begin having a special liking to each other (due to similar or dissimilar characters) and then fall in love.

After one falls in love with a person he/she then gets to know more details about the partner which makes them even closer to one another.

Then the Love Marriage happens, in this case marriage is just a social status that shows that the love you feel for one another would is accepted by your parents and relatives. The love continues (of course with more recognition and pride).

Arranged Marriage

On the other hand an arranged marriage is arranged by parents and you get to know the person after you have tied the knot.

Most arranged marriages take place within 6 months of matching the kundali and you are left with accepting your partner just like that.

Of course, in this techno world you are denied to speak to the partner and it is quite thrilling too, however the limited time and the truth that you are engaged to the person makes it impossible to make a choice after fixing a date for your marriage.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Making the parents accept a love marriage is the most and sometimes only the difficult part of a love marriage which ends with the marriage; on the other hand in an arranged marriage the difficult part just begins from the marriage.

Yes you have to understand and tune yourselves with your partner whether you like it or not. Your partner is your parents? choice hence you would never be able to complain to them if you were having even a small trouble.

Love marriages are constructed on the basis of love and arranged marriages are constructed on trust. I feel love is stronger than trust, because you would surely love only the person you trust.

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

In this fast pace life where men and women are equally qualified, equally busy, equally earning, equally going out, equally vice..

I would certainly advice a Love Marriage wherein you are sure of the person?s likes, dislikes, character, personality, morality and of course principles, all of which would increase your trust on your partner with time.

Unless you are person who would not be able to make the right choice you are sure to have a very happy married life in a love marriage.

A good example of what happens in a love marriage and in an arranged marriage can be seen on Sony TV’s Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage, watch it to get some help in choosing your better half.

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