With winter gone you must have tucked off all the winter wear and would now be ready to face the sun. However, winter must have left you dry and flaky, especially your legs and arms are not summer ready yet, and some special care is required to bring them back to shape.

Along with more heat summer poses a lot of trouble to your skin which you have to be very careful to be safe from. Let?s see what the effects of sun?s rays are to your skin during summer.

Sun Burn

In summer days are longer than the nights and hence you might have exposure to UV rays especially UV A and UV B rays more than during other seasons. The infra-red rays too are in the higher side and all this combined is enough to burn your skin in just a few minutes.

You can however be safe from this if you apply ample amount of sunscreen. Always try to choose a good sunscreen, because otherwise you might get allergies related to chemicals contained in the cream. You can buy these creams online in flipkart too.

You have to buy a sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 to 30. You get sunscreens that have an SPF of above 40; I personally do not feel safe with such a large SPF content.

You have to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun, this will help the skin to absorb the sunscreen and protect it. Apply sunscreen liberally over your face and other parts of body that is exposed to sunlight, wait for it to be absorbed and then go out.

Remember UV rays may cause skin cancer too, Hence being very careful is important.

Excess Sweating

This is one thing everyone would agree with, the excess heat from the sun makes your body sweat more. This makes your skin an easy dwelling place for micro-organisms, dirt, and dust and so on. This would naturally clog your skins pores causing skin damage, pimples and skin diseases. Thus you have to take care to cleanse your skin at least thrice a day.

You can use a home-made cleanser such as besan powder or green gram powder or else you could use a face wash that is easily available in the market. This will get rid of your sweat and make sure you do not get infected with any microbes.

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After washing your face, do not forget to moisturise. You might damage your skin and make it too dry if you do not moisturise your skin. To compensate water loss from your body in the form of sweat, drink lots of water and juices during summer.

This will help to hydrate your skin and you will feel better.

Excess Oil Secretion

During summer your skin begins to get warmer with the day and the oil present just below the surface of your skin begins to ooze out owing to the temperature. You might feel your skin getting more and more reddish tinch which if left untreated may turn into darker spots.

Your face also becomes oilier and you might get pimples too. Use a toner after you wash your face, this will help to close the pores and you might feel less oil secretion. The best toner would be rose water; however you can use some proven brands too.

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Follow this daily routine

If you want healthy glowing skin in summer follow this five minute routine on a daily basis.

  1. Wash your face with half a cup of milk every day in the morning, let the milk for a few minutes on your skin and wash it off with water. Then tone with cool tea decoction (Yes! You have got it right, a face tea before drinking tea).
  2. Next after your cooking or exercise, just splash cool water to your face, you can use a mild soap during your bath.
  3. Keep the water just warm for your bath. Too hot water or even hot water during summer will make your skin dry and remove oil the help to protect moisture in your body.
  4. After taking bath, dab the water slightly with a soft towel, do not rub completely. Then apply moisturiser immediately to lock in the extra water to your body. Remember to use water based moisturiser (especially during summer).
  5. Before going to bed, take juice from a small piece of cucumber and mix equal quantity of rose water to it. Apply liberally on your face, hands and other exposed parts of your skin. let it on for fifteen minutes. Then apply a pack made from yogurt (curd) and turmeric powder, this pack would remove all dirt and sun tan if any from skin.
  6. Once a week apply besan mixed with curd and turmeric powder. Never use besan (gram flour) everyday it would make your skin too dry.

Follow this routine regularly and then check the quality of your skin, believe me you would just feel elated.

Remember to follow proper hair care routine too.

7 Comments on Necessary Skin Care Tips For Summer

  1. You are right, people with dry skin shouldn’t use besan regularly, it completely dries the skin. I have experienced it myself. I have very bad dry skin. In winter, I need intense moisturizing. In summer too, I need light moisturizing or else my skin feels dry and itchy all the time. Before, I would use coconut oil but recently I have got parachute summer fresh body lotion which is a good moisturizing lotion specially for summer wear. It rightly moisturizes my skin, leaves it nourished without any greasiness. The sunscreen in it protects the skin from harsh UV rays. It’s a 2-in-1 product.

  2. I really liked all the products that you have listed here as I have used most of them; Vaseline Cocoa butter, Lotus sunscreen and Himalaya Neem facewash. But just last month, I discovered this wonderful product from parachute – parachute summer fresh body lotion. It’s basically for dry skin nourishment. The coconut milk extracts hydrates the skin and it has double sunscreens to protect from harmful UV A and B rays. Since, I have started using this product, I have stopped using additional sunscreen as it gives me 2-in-1 solution.

  3. It’s well known that the sun can cause wrinkles in your skin in your older years.

    I’m not a fan of wearing sun scree because I enjoy getting a tan, however I try to limit my sun exposure in order not to get burnt. Aloe vera is the best gel to apply to your skin if you have had too much exposure to the sun.

  4. Saru,
    actually using sunscreen makes the face look a bit oily but it seems to be the best method to save yourself from the harmful effects of sun, however the umbrella is the most apt if you could carry one. I work with the agriculture department and would be like a alien in between farmers if I happen to use an umbrella and hence I most often resort to sunscreen when I go on a field visit.

  5. The Biotique Honey Gel is really very good, I miss it here. Now, I use The Body Shop products. Skin care regime is very important but you know, I can’t use sunscreen on my face. I feel sleepy after it and I don’t know why. I either cover my face or carry umbrella. Thanks for sharing the tips. 🙂

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