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Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children - Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Too
Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children – Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than You Think

Passive Smoking,is more injurious that you would actually want to think. Your baby’s tiny organs can easily be infected than yours. Think before you light your cigarette next time.

There are a number of health problems that passive smoking children face, slowly throughout their life. A small mistake of your can cause serious problems to your child.

passive smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and further is secondhand smoking. Parents have certain responsibilities towards their children.

There is a lot of research going on around the world especially in US to urge parents to leave smoking or at least should take care not to smoke in front of children or at home.

Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children - Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than You Think
Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children – Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than You Think

Researchers have different findings like improper behavior, hyperactive, physical and mental problems in children.

A study was also been conducted of different age group of children and were exposed to secondhand smoke.

passive smoking kids

Mark Hamer from University College London conducted a survey on measuring level of byproducts of cigarette fumes on saliva of children and told parents to fill up few questions. Children surely showed disorder which was quite alarming.

However, Scientists are trying to answer the basic question as to how can secondhand smoking affect children mentally. They also do not rule out the possibility of other factors like asthma, family income, and housing situation.

Hamer says that different genes could be also responsible; dopamine a chemical found in brain gets affected by cigarette smoke. Another researcher stated that with secondhand smoke and also prenatal exposure to tobacco may cause physical or mental problems.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can be caused due to secondhand smoke apart from this ear infections and asthma are also common suffering among children. Parents who smoke should not compromise on health of their own children.

Quit smoking or at least do not smoke when children are around. It is elders who children learn and follow. Therefore duty lies upon us as mindful parents to induce good habits in children so that we have a bright and healthy future.

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12 Comments on Quit Smoking For The Sake Of Your Children – Passive Smoking Is More Injurious Than You Think

  1. I’m glad that smoking is less and less prevalent. It’s unfortunate that it’s so addicting that’s why I always applaud those who were strong willed enough to quit.

  2. Thank you for sharing this , smoking close to children is super dangerous but we live in a time where the public simple doesn’t care anymore . I will definitely share this article.

  3. My father is a smoker. It’s been my struggle to ask him to stop. My mom who is a passive smoker is experiencing difficulty in breathing. We all need awareness. Thanks for writing this article.

  4. My husband is a smoker, and even now he has problems with his blood pressure and the doctors suggested that he gave up smoking but he is still not listening to them. I am sharing this post with him.

  5. Smoking is definitely one of the worst things you can do to yourself and much worse for your kids. I hope more and more people read your post and get motivated to quit if they face the addiction.

  6. Good for you for quitting smoking! All of the health defects that can arise from smoking are crazy. Glad you were able to beat it!

  7. In the uk we are slowly making it harder for people to smoke. In Most of not all business and eateries it is no smoking. You can’t smoke in taxis and I believe there is a law about smoking in the car with kids!!

  8. This is an interesting post indeed. Second hand smoke is one of the worst things, especially as a non-smoker!

  9. Totally understandable, parents are responsible for well being of their kids. Kids follow what they see. Elders need to rethink what they are giving to their kids.

  10. I am very grateful to not be a smoker, and the people around me who smoke are also few and far between and never smoke around the kids.

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