Real Estate Advertisements and The New Age Digitalisation


Gone are the days of ?Print Ads?, ?Open House? and ?for Sale/Rent? sign boards that were sprawled all over the news papers and signboards. Although print advertisements used to get a lot of attention and conversion to the realtors earlier, lifestyle changes and the development in digital marketing has made a huge mark in the real estate business.

Today no person has time or the patience to turn over pages of a magazine or newspapers in search of real estate advertisements. You get everything in your android and so is the expectation of a real estate advertisement too. Although Open houses still seem to be a good way to make the customer have a feel of the real house, it still takes a backstage when it comes to travelling to the place and having a look around.

Most often the physical verification, look, and tough experience is require as a last step where the customer is otherwise satisfied with all the other requirements.

On par with other industries, home hunters too have begun searching for online options to search for their perfect properties. Online portals and androids apps for the same have become so popular and are expected to grow bigger with time. 7 out of every 10 Indian customers search for properties on the portals, the number in US is however 9 out of 10. This scenario is expected to grow especially in growing economies.

Real estate in this era of digitalisation has to follow the same market principles as any other commodity; however the realtor has a lot of advantage when using online market.

  1. The physical property that can be beautifully pictures and showed to the perusal of their customers.
  2. Sitting at you office you would be able to show your property to more people rather that running from door to door.
  3. The people who are genuinely interested would contact you immediately and it would be easy for you to carry forward.
  4. Your reach would be better and global rather than on a small scale.

Some precautions realtors need to take when it comes to the new age advertising are

  1. Build a lucrative website with catchy landing page.
  2. Connect with leading Online Portals and post advertisements.
  3. Make use of Social Media such as Face book and Twitter effectively.
  4. Get word of mouth advertisements through bloggers using paid advertisement.
  5. Add great content to your website so that Google finds it when searching for good websites.
  6. Make use of online real estate marketing company.


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