Scary Secrets Behind Ban On Jallikattu and Deterioting Indian Health

Untold Secrets Behind Ban On Jallikattu

If you were even wondering why I have titled this post connecting Ban on Jallikattu and Deteriorating Indian Health, You would not be so when you are at the end of this page.

India is a country with rich heritage. And we have been pioneers where scientific knowledge is considered. However we have a very bad weakness and that is our fad following of western culture without arising any question of whether it is good or bad.

Be it the jeans you are wearing to the bottled drinks you are drinking, everything is a monkey copy of foreign culture. In globalized world it is not easy to keep any culture without being influenced by another, however, there still is a need to analyse what is good and what is bad.

The Corporatization of Agriculture and Milk

With increase in population and requirement of more food, there had been a need for increase in food production. And corporates do not let every stone unturned till they find a way to earn, when they smell a requirement unfulfilled.

This is where it all started, they commercialized agriculture, changed the agricultural inputs, chemicalised everything from fertilizers to pesticides and even changed the basic DNA of crops and GMO fied them.

In fact the present situation is so worse that, a farmer cannot grow crops without having to look up for the supply of multinational corporates for seeds to harvester.

The Dairy Industry

Similar need-supply gap was sensed in the dairy industry. Milk, is not just any other drink, it is the elixir of life, beginning from birth till the end of life, milk is consumed by humans.

No Indian ritual is complete without milk !

No Indian life is complete without milk!

Cow, is seen as a divine form in he Indian culture, and not without a reason.

So again corporate minds began smelling the thousands of crores that can be reaped here. They began devising a system where they can make people dependent solely on them for the cow – to produce milk.

This was exposed in 2009 by Keith Woodford who wrote a book Devil in the Milk, which lead to a lot of controversies. It was in this book that Keith Woodford clearly explains the what has happened to the very gene of cattle and how it affects health.

Untold Secrets Behind Ban On Jallikattu
Untold Secrets Behind Ban On Jallikattu and Deteriorating Indian Health


Indian Cows and Corporate Politics

India has always pioneered in cattle population in the world. It is not a secret that from prehistoric days cattle were seen as wealth and the more cattle one had, the richer he was considered.

This and many other customs had made India breed cattle proliferate and one can find India had the highest number of native breed that were indigenous to different parts of India.

However these breeds were giving less milk and their per capita maintenance seemed to be of not commercial gain. Though they do not require much expenses in terms of feed and they had inherent resistance to diseases, their milk production was a serious concern.

This is where the corporates found their chance to enter this multi billion dairy market of India. The gullible Indian government soon after independence and hence forth had no idea that it is being taken for a ride.

With promises to improve the yield of native breeds, the India grand cross breeding program began. Slowly but steadily Indian cows had been inseminated with foreign breed bull semen, and no one questioned, because where the Indian breed produced 2 to 3 litres of milk per day, the crossbreed produced 7 to 8 litres.

The Indian Breed cattle have thus been clearly removed from existence and Indian Native breed cattle are becoming extinct one by one. This was exposed in in 2012.

The Mutation and Related Health Problems

Somewhere during all this increase in yield game, there seemed to happen a small scientific revolution where corporate companies began competing with each other in finding ways to bring about more and more yield increase.

Today in some western countries cattle and diary industry are treated as machines producing the white liquid which they call – MILK.

The total process is mechanized. In fact, in India, in Chhattisgarh where I live I have come across farms where the animals are kept in air conditioned sheds. The premises are so clean, you would never now they were animals.

At the time of milking the cattle are opened, with a remote control, they leave their shed, form a line and go towards the milking area. They need to pass through a shower. they enter the shower wait for a few minutes to be bathed (again mechanically, with remote controlled machines) and then climb the circular milking machine.

The vacuum milking apparatus is attached (oh! human intervention here) to their teats. The cow is milked and as soon as the vacuum apparatus falls down the cow gets down and again walks towards its shed.

It is a wonderful scene, you know, you just need to forget that the ones being milked are living creatures or they need some love and affection.

So What is The Mutation About?

The mutation has happened in the process of getting more and more yield. Look at the image below at the condition of the cow, seen just as source of milk.

Ban On Jallikattu
Cross Breed – More Milk Less Health

It is evident how healthy the cow looks.

The mutation of a specific A1 gene, in fact seems to have started some hundreds of years ago in Holstein breed and since Holstein has been the main breeds used to improve other breeds, the mutated A1 gene has been passed to most   ‘improved’ breeds.

It is this mutated A1 gene that is the cause of many health issues that is seen off late.

How Does The Mutated Gene Cause Health Problems

The main ingredient of milk, for which we consume it too, is the protein present in it. Human digestive system is conditioned to digest and process the natural proteins present in milk.

Milk protein or beta casein, is made of a chain of 209 amino acids. The amino acid number 67 in this chain is usually a amino acid called proline. this proline is inherent component of the chain, and hence is bound both sides. This is called the A2 milk – no mutataion A2 milk.

On the other hand the mutated A1 milk protein contains histidine as amino acid number 67. This histidine does not attach to either side of the chain and remains free. This is the A1 milk – Mutated A1 Milk.

Difference between A1 and A2 protein
Difference between A1 and A2 protein

The histidine breaks off taking with it six other neighbouring amino acids forming the beta-casomorphin-7.

so in A1 milk we have beta casein plus the cut off portion beta – casomorphin-7.

Beta – casomorphin-7 is the main culprit behind all the health hazards. Beta – casomorphin-7 has opioid or narcotic which is not digested well by the human system and this is where all the health issues stem.

In July 2007, Dr Keith Woodford, a professor of farm management at New Zealand’s Lincoln University published a paper titled A2 Milk, Farmer Decisions, and Risk Management that reported how “approximately 500 New Zealand dairy farmers are converting their herds to eliminate production of A1 beta-casein within the milk” responsible for “Type 1 diabetes, heart disease and autism”.

If you read the full paper of A2 Milk, Farmer Decisions, and Risk Management you will come to understand that many modern diseases have been articulated by this A 1 milk which is the one mostly available worldwide.

Health issues reported are

  1. Problems in digestive system
  2. Type 1 diabetes
  3. Heart diseases
  4. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  5. Autism

Connection Between this and Ban on Jallikattu

Jallikattu is some 3500 old tradition in tamilnadu, the main purpose of the sport is recognize the best breeder of the locality which will then be used to breed all the cows present in the village.

However this poses a risk to the foreign artificial insemination industry who would love the cattle breeders to look up to them as the sole sources of semen. Just like the GMO crops where you need to buy seeds at a high price and all other inputs for crops.

Also, it is seen that these very foreign corporates are indulged in the production of medicines for many of the above diseases, so they see this as a double harvest.

Hence, they have ensured to show some irrelevant reasons to the gullible government and the supreme court to bring about a ban of The Bull Sport, thereby no more proliferation in the indigenous breeds of this part of our country.

read the letter below written by a person from adjoining state Kerala in support of people protesting jallikattu.

Ban on Jallikattu
Indigenous breeds lost in Kerala

The Recent Protests in Tamilnadu

The protests in Tamilnadu is mainly to save native cattle breeds of India. This, though was a scenario for the past two years, has become an important struggle because of student population.

In fact I personally see this protest with respect, and here are the reasons for it. Subha has given reasons for the crowds joining Jallikattu from all parts of Tamilnadu.

  1. Started by 100 students only.
  2. Seeing the protests slowly students from all over Tamilnadu joined in.
  3. IT employees – who we see as those who are not worried about our country or culture are completely supporting.
  4. They were collected only through social media.
  5. The students do not side with any political party – in fact they ask politicians to leave the site of protests (strongly)
  6. There is no violence, no bad behavior.
  7. Women and men are protesting side by side yet no molestations, instead women are given due respect and are safe. I can see women in organizing some protests too. There were women in the crew who went to meet the Chief Minister.
  8. There is no caste based difference shown, though this was seen to be a way that can be used to divide these students.
  9. People from all walks have joined the protests.
  10. the lawyers association, retailers association, farmers association and so on have begun supporting the students – Oh! I forgot the Film Industry.
  11. Students have shown that Tamilnadu no more needs politicians or film stars to lead them.

This is something of a revolution that is happening in Tamilnadu, students all over India need to understand the power of students, the power of Youth.

In fact this is history getting created in front of our very eyes and we all are excited!




  1. An amazing read. Keep it up momma. I am glad I always haed milk, now happy that my daughter is having A2 milk. And about the Jalikattu, The ban is just intolerable.

  2. Wow I hate no idea about any of this. What a thought provoking post. I like how researched this post is as well

  3. I try not to drink milk from cows. I stopped about 20 years ago. Cows are often over milked which can cause a bloody discharge.

  4. OMG How interesting about the cows. I had no idea. Sure they produce more milk, but that doesn’t seem right to inject them like that. Liked reading this because I learned something new!

  5. Very thought provoking and reflective post. Its nice the way you have weaved the cultural elements from India with milk drinking practices and now, business practices. In fact, the way you have shared about cows, reminded of our Backpacking Gokarna trip where we for the first time saw so closely how important they are to the families, just like family members. We are currently slow travelling in Himalayas, away from city and can see positive impacts of eating organic, homegrown produces and fresh milk on the health of people around and for us too. Its time to go back to roots.. do you think?

  6. Really? I thought you guys are a pretty healthy bunch! Well, I guess the commercialism and processed foods are already eating into our society.

  7. This was an interesting article. I had no idea this was going on in India. Politics seem to screw everything up in every part of the world.

  8. Wow! I appreciate you bringing more awareness to this. It’s so important to be informed about our health and what can impact it!

  9. Wow! I didn’t know anything about this at all. I appreciate that not only were you giving the basic info, but you also went super in depth to explain it all. Definitely something to be aware of !

    Jackie – Organised Mum Life

  10. This is definitely information I had no idea about. Thank you for raising awareness for this issue.

  11. the world has become so much crooked that no one is worried about the consumers health. money seems to rule every desire. Thanks to people like you who keep the ecosystem still going on

  12. You can really find the difference in the taste of the milk when you live in the city and get the packed milk and the one you get freshly milked in the village. They both have two distinctive taste. Thanks for such informative post people need to know the truth.

  13. We absolutely hate the jallukattu festival… That poor bull! Imagine how terrified and angry it must be…

  14. This is a powerful read indeed. It is sad what is happening here and round the world to these animals! A great and well presented post

  15. Wow – fascinating argument – Ive not heard of this genetic mutation before. Is it predominant in India, or does this occur in other countries as well?

  16. Trust me I am glad that someone has finally written on it.And so detailed information. I am sharing it on all ny accounts..

  17. It’s alarming because we all grew up drinking cow’s milk. It’s only now that we have so much options as an alternative to it. This article opens your eyes to so many health concerns!

  18. Oh wow this is quite scary and something I didn’t know anything at all about. It’s great that you are sharing this to raise awareness of it!

  19. I guess I am lucky now when I think of the fact that I have never been a milk drinker. I rarely drink milk… only when eating a bowl of cereal and such, which is not often. It is a shame that we have no idea what is being done to our food and food sources and this post was very enlightening. I am grateful for your sharing and definitely want to look into the book mentioned in your post. I have to say that I have been reading everything on the product label before buying it, after a recent health scare, and it is terrifying to read all of the garbage that is included in our food. I have stopped eating out and only make my own meals from scratch. I try to only buy Organic and products that do not contain GMO’s but the crazy thing is…. eating healthier is super expensive as compared to buying the norm. It is a shame and I have been growing my own veggies and herbs so that I know what is in my food, as much as I can anyway. I have purchased Heirloom seeds for top dollar that are not touched or modified… again pricey. Thanks for sharing this informative post!

  20. Not alone ndia Julie, this is what is happening throughout the world. Now that there is this education about the A1/A2 milk, commercialization would begin soon.

  21. This is amazingly comprehensive, Menaka. Thank you for sharing the details. I feel alarmed now over all the politics over this situation.

  22. such a well-researched article. an eye-opener which changed my point of view on the issue.

  23. I appreciate the hard work you put in to collect all the information. Well put in a coherent manner which is the need of the hour. Way to go.

  24. True Jean! we don’t know what exactly is entering our system as food. with so many things unknown and kept underground it is important to grow our own food or atleast make a community where we can grow our food

  25. That was a very informative article Menaka! I was actually wondering about the ban and the protests. And all this while I presumed it was about animal cruelty, torture and stuff like that! But this article is a real eye-opener! Thanks for sharing the information!

  26. Alana! Since I was writing about Jallikattu I have titled Indian Health, however, worldover the food has been genetically modified. The productivity is increased yes! keeping quality is improved yes! but is it good for human digestion and absorption? They say we are what we eat, so if there is a sudden change in the human mindset – it must be because of what we eat right?

  27. Thanks for stopping by and expressing your views Ramanadhan! I agree with you that corporates create markets. Sun is the best source of vitamin D yet, it is widely advertised that milk has to be consumed to get vitamin D. Yes ! this is an artificially created media

  28. Detailed report, bravely written. But, I differ on a point that corporates tried to capture market where short supply was noticed. Corporates twist anything to create demand artificially. Also, they brain washed every one with quantity where quality is the most important criteria. Cancer like 4G diseases are on the rise because of these unethical and greedy corporates.

  29. We truly (and I live in the United States) do not know what we are eating. GMO’s are perhaps the biggest concern here. I shared this on Twitter.

  30. This was quite a comprehensive source of information on the diary industry. Didn’t know that the cattle are kept and milked so luxuriously and mechanically! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Frankly, I knew really very little about the entire ban thing. This article really helped explain quite a bit. Thanks so much.

  32. True Raji! there is so much happening around us yet goes unknown. Only things which are preplanned to be known to us is reported by the media. I t now has become our responsibility to find what goes under the untold stories

  33. Hey great post with very well written with research thanks I love farming and diary since I’m from a farming family

  34. True Lata! there needs to be more rules and sport let to be continued. As for the IT employees issue – may be I think because of the difference in timings of work and language.

  35. This is the first article I have read that explains so well about milk industry and it’s relation to Jallikattu. I gave up dairy two months ago because I realised it was causing my skin allergies. This was shocking because I grew up drinking milk and all sorts of dairy products. Now I have to think twice before even taking a spoon of yogurt.

  36. Kudos to you for having written a well-researched post with facts. Although, I knew about these, I couldn’t have written it with so much clarity. Well-done. Hope the real intent is known to everyone!

  37. Yesterday, there was a good debate on TV where a gentleman supporting Jallikattu said, PETA should create guidelines with the state so that animals are not harmed. It made a lot of sense. Another issue is why are IT employees seen as a different breed. They are as normal as us including myself.

  38. I truly appreciate and totally agree to your views, we need to encourage the youngsters who have made a stir in the state and have come up against this protest. Lets try to support them.

  39. Nice messages which reveals the truth-but we need to give ethical constant motivations awareness to the innocent common people.All the good effort taken by beloved youths should be encouraged & political ,currupted culture should be removed from the root by such activities.WELL DONE,,..

  40. I would never have imagined this motivation for banning Jallikattu and was puzzled why so many people were coming out in such huge numbers. All I thought was how cruel it was to the bulls.

  41. Nice messages which reveals the truth-but we need give ethical constant motivations awareness to the innocent common people.All the good effort taken by beloved youths should be encouraged & political ,currupted culture should be removed from the root by such activities.WELL DONE,,..


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