Another contestant has shared her love to her child with us. Well, though the total presentation is of a different style, we have accepted this as a entry due to the flow and also the genuiness we found in the article.

all the best Aarthi

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?Come on now, you have to push otherwise you will lose your baby forever? doctor said these words directly seeing into my eyes in the labor room. Even though I have planned to go in for a normal delivery I was losing faith as the time passed out. I could see the doctor struggling to get my little one out. At last after twenty minutes of horrible labor pain I saw my little one for the first time. He was very pale and I felt sudden chillness in myself. Just then a nurse near me shouted ?why is the baby not crying?. I looked at the doctor who gave back an assuring look towards me and said ?I will take care, you don?t panic? .Then they carried him towards the baby bed which was far away from me and started treating him. I could just see his legs. I felt as if my world has stopped at that moment. He came into this world only a few seconds before and the next second started to rule my world. Then the nurse pumped some of amniotic fluid that he has swallowed from his mouth. After few seconds he cried very feasibly. Though I have felt him from the fifth month of pregnancy seeing him is something different. He slowly entered my life and started to turn it upside down so fast.

Those sleepless nights, feeding him every half an hour, changing diapers every ten minutes, washing all his clothes all those were very difficult but when I saw him smiling at me holding so close all these difficulties will wither away like the clouds on a windy day. Every morning when I would be very tired of sleepless night i get the freshness to start the day from his face that will glow like the early sunshine on the dewdrops of the rose. He has taught me many things in life. He has given me the most important wisdom in the human life… ?PATIENCE?.. Yes I could call patience as wisdom as by acquiring this one can become wise and make the life of other people around them wiser. Real patience is experienced only in motherhood.

Today my son is 2.7 years old and every day I face new situations in which I would be clam sometimes and few times get irritated and scold my son. At the end of a full chaotic and restless day and when I could never feel a bone in my body moving he would jump on me in the bed and hug me to say ? good night ma? I feel I have done justice to my son and for the first time pain gives me pleasure. I love him more than anything in this world and I believe I would be his world at least for next 5 to 10 years. Yes he will have his own world when he is about 9 to 10 years and I MAY BE A PART OF IT. He may never need me to hug him immediately after he gets up, he may not even hug me when he gets excited and found something new. He may not even have time to talk with and ask if I am sick or do I need to share something with him. .. I won?t blame him as he has started his new phase of life which will have its own fate.

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I may not even able to make him realize that I am always standing beside him and ready to share his bad times. I won?t even able to convey that I am missing him; I won?t be able to hug him and say good night every day. I may even become negligible in his world as his responsibility grows more and more every day. Though there will be all these issues I know one truth that is true love is always unconditional?My love for him is beyond all this. i could say all the mother?s love is unconditional. As the days passes by I too have to move away from my son as the old leaves wither away from the tree leaving the tree to grow with more and more new fresh leaves.


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9 comments on “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”

  1. Thank you Freedom group, although I usually do not approve bizarre comments I am a pro educationist and would really likt it if people get some good from you people…

  2. yes true radha, those days our parents used to look after all of us so well with all the house hold chores and all, but nowadays looking after our children has become our first job and still we find we are not able to cope as our parents used to?

  3. Really its true, the most treasured n valued thing in our life is “our babies/children”. a Mother showers the same amount of love to all her kids.Earlier times there were nearly >7 siblings in a family, just imagine how much the mother went thru. but now a days we all r happy with 1-2 kids. But let generation come n go mothers will be mothers. Nothing can replace her status. We really gone thru so much pain, depression n tension in bringing up our kids thru days n nights but one smile or a hug or our kids just saying “amma” is more than enough to relieve that pain n charge us again. “mothers r GOds Gift to Mankind”. So mplease respect all mothers, mother-in-laws n the whole womenhood.

  4. I feel very proud to see my friend’s article being published .. you have brought out everything which was in my heart and every true loving mother . my eyes were filled with tears as i was reading ! we have to make up our mind to face anything that our son or daughter will bring to us . they are unblamable in this flying world …

  5. good that arti has given you all a glimpse of future and the state of a moms thought completely…

  6. Malathi, it is true that there comes a day when our children become independent and stop looking for us. and of course what arti has written is true to the core. I too as you have said have started realising how much our parents have done for us and their sacrifices in terms of career, place of living and so on had been gone unnoticed…

  7. Such a lovely article which totally talks all that a mom’s heart feels. I feel the same too. My son is 4.5 years and my mommy time with him is getting shorter and shorter. I am scared when I think of the day when he will stop needing him as he does now. But that is life and I have also realise how my parents would have felt for me. You can say I have started loving my parents more than anytime before. Arthi your writing is good. Please keep posting more articles when you have time. And to all mommies out there ” Enjoy Motherood Only the luckiest gets to experience that emotion”.

  8. Nice article;tears roll down my cheeks thinking of my son and daughter;the ironic words has pulled all mother’s love to state her unconditional love…. great work..

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