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Be A Winner
Be A Winner - Let Others Win


No One Can Win You Until You Let Them To

Be A Winner
Be A Winner – Let Others Win

I was listening to the Dusherra debate as usual in television and I liked one point in the discussion – letting yourself lose!

Yes! when you do not consider anyone as your competitor, you do not give a competition and thus the exists no one to win you.

This is a zen mode – Yes! you have read it right!

To Win You Need to Let Others Win

It is similar to the principle of- give what you want to get. Through a thorough practice of meditation you can surely attain this mode.

All you need to understand is that you are not here to win anyone, you are here to live, to love others and be happy.

If you are able to understand this basic rule in life you sure are not going to be pressurized by all the smaller beings around you

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  1. Rightly said…I knew a friend who had gotten into a habit of winning which got to a point where he had to argue over everything to get his point proven….its said and what you said to win you need to let loose and let other win too 🙂

  2. Lovely course idea.All the best for it.I am signing up for it right now.Investing our time to connect with our children is the best way to help them learn life skills


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