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We team Simple Indian Mom Feel Proud to Introduce to you our CEO and founder Dr.Menaka Bharathi, a.k.a, SimpleIndianMom

A doctorate degree holder in Agriculture, Mother of two energetic boys , Founder of Simple Indian Mom – India’s Top Mindful Parenting Guide, Owner of SIM Organics – India’s Top Online Superfoods Store, Mindfulness Coach and mindful parenting consultant.

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Simple Indian Mom – All You Need To Know

Parenting is an art which can be perfected with regular practice of mindfulness. This combination of mindfulness and parenting is something we at SIM excel in.

Our Founder Dr. Menaka Bharathi believes that life needs to be measured with happiness quotient rather than other different emotional, intelligence or other quotients that are making the world go crazy and parents pushing their children towards unhappy goals.

She has proven time and again through her practice that you can easily guide your child towards success without having to compel the child, rather make him/her want to do the task with enjoyment. In fact some of her courses give you so much insight about the child’s likes and dislikes like clear water.

Dr. Menaka Bharathi puts in all her experiences learnt through different mindfulness courses she into four different ecourses that would guide you through from pregnancy to parenting teens.

Her courses include

Mindful Pregnancy e-course – A course that will give you tips and techniques on how to conect with you child who listens to every move of yours- for Pregnant Women

Mindful Parenting e-course – Mindfulness Course for Toddler Moms who would like not to be overwhelmed by the health, activity and milestones of their toddler

Mindfulness Course For Working Moms

Mindfulness Course For Tween and Teen Moms

She is Agricultural Microbiologist and knows what it means to have some good and bad microbes in the food you give to your kids and family.

With a mission to make the world healthier, Dr. Menaka Bharathi has come up with trainings, suggestions and courses in growing your own veggies.

She is a columnist and has published online and offline works.

The Simple Indian Mom is a reflection of her life, knowledge, wisdom.

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