Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise for both mind and body. Along with toning your body and giving best results for your weightloss goals, surya namaskar also improves concentration and relaxes your mind


#Pollachi-Sexual-Abuse – Blame Indian Parenting and Patriarchal Society

Men are always men! You can say this easily in India and go about carrying on with your daily routine. There is not even a...

Featuring Simple Indian Mom Mercy Bella – A Real Woman Of Substance

"Badshah, here - Badshah", calls out Mercy Bella and there, the majestic Tiger halted, maneuvered his stance with grace and turned to fondly look...



Green Tea – Health Benefits, Side Effects and How Much To Drink

Though green tea has been used by the Chinese since centuries as traditional remedy for various ailments, it's only recently that the rest of...

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10 Antioxidants Rich Indian Foods You Did Not Know

The Role of Antioxidants Our body is like a laboratory. There are millions of chemical reactions taking place inside our body. Oxidation is one such...


How To Care Snake Plant

How to care Snake plant - This is the first thing that comes to mind when you begin placing the plants indoors. Well, with...

Using The Right Light For Indoor Plants – Indoor Gardening 101

With time and space becoming a constraint, indoor gardening seems to be something that is a more practical way to look at urban gardening....

Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Children always love spending time outdoors. If a kids friendly garden is part of their home, then their joy knows no bounds. Greenery, plants...

How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies – Growing Peace Lilies Indoors

Any plant lover will want to grow ‘Peace Lily’, the plant with glowing flowers. However to know exactly how to take care peace lileis...

Helping Birds In Summer – Have You Installed Water Feeders

Come summer, people think of all ways to beat the heat. The scorching heat and the rising temperature make you thirstier. However, have you ever...


An integral part of content marketing is blogging which is vital for all organizations irrespective of their sizes. Blogging about relevant topics in the...

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