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10 Antioxidants Rich Indian Foods - Simple Indian Mom

10 Antioxidants Rich Indian Foods You Did Not Know

The Role of Antioxidants Our body is like a laboratory. There are millions of chemical reactions taking place inside our body. Oxidation is one such chemical process that is the part of our body’s cycle to protect itself and it is thus essential for the body’s protection. But when this process is accelerated due to […] Read more…

Dengue Fever - symptoms and precautions

Dengue Fever -Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

With the rains comes water stagnation which in turn provides the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry a lot of deadly diseases one of which is Dengue virus. Characteristic symptoms are fever, muscle pain, joint pain, skin rash and headache. In severe cases, low levels of blood platelets, very low blood pressure, blood plasma […] Read more…