Feng Shui Products

7 Feng Shui Products to Have at Home to Make Home Peaceful

Have you heard of Feng Shui products? Do you know if Feng Shui is really effective in attracting peace and love? Feng-Shui The Energy Of Attraction Energy is present everywhere. If energy is not balanced, it leads to chaos and confusion. The principle of Feng Shui involves managing and balancing the energy to create positivity […] Read more…

Interior Designing

Interior Designing – List of Online Courses for Stay-At-Home Moms

Interior Designing – a passion for many women and stay at home moms, has become a very promising industry to earn good money off late. If you have an interest in arranging furniture and an eye for aestheticism, choosing the right décor and color, you are the right candidate to take interior designing as a career. […] Read more…

Traditional Methods to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

When the mercury rises during the summer months and the country witnesses more than the normal temperature, the use of air conditioners use a lot of electricity and also pollute the environment by emitting tons of carbon di oxide into the atmosphere. This adds to global warming. Air conditioners also generate sulphur di oxide which […] Read more…

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