Any plant lover will want to grow ‘Peace Lily’, the plant with glowing flowers. However to know exactly how to take care peace lileis is very important.

How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies - Growing Peace Lilies Indoors
How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies – Growing Peace Lilies Indoors

Peace Lilies

The blooms of this plant are white and spathe-shaped with a contrast dark green leaves that is a treat to our eyes. Have a room in your home that does not have much sunlight entering it? Grow a Peace lily plant there to make the room more vibrant and beautiful. As Peace lilies do not require much sunlight or water to thrive, growing them is not a tough job.

Some Interesting Facts About Peace Lily

The ‘Peace Lily’ is native to the Central and South America. Its’ Botanical Name is Spathiph​​​​​​​yllum wallisii. This real beauty is also sometimes called the symbol of peace as its white flower symbolizes a white flag. Here are some more facts about this plant.

  • Though it is called as a Lily, these plants do not belong to the true lily family but belongs to Araceae family (the same family to which money plant belongs to). This plant has around 40 closely related siblings that are native to the America and Southeast Asia.
  • These plants do not require light or water in large amounts to survive.
  • There are many varieties of the Peace lilies, from small to large.
  • Peace lily survives in places with moderate climatic conditions. If you want to place it outside during Summer, then place it in a shade.
  • According to NASA, Peace Lilies purify the air around them. It cleans some contaminants like benzene and formaldehyde from the air, thus, improving the quality of air in and around the house.
  • If you are under the assumption that the white spathes are the flowers of the plants, you should know that the actual flowers are tiny ones on the pointed spadix.
  • Peace Lilies have another name, ‘Cobra Plant’, as the white flowers look like the hood of a cobra.

How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are sturdy plants with green leaves and beautiful white blooms. These lilies are beautiful with or without the flowers and thus, are great plants to grow indoors. Peace Lily plants grow about 1 to 3 feet tall depending on the size of the pot they are planted on. As Peace Lilies need minimal maintenance, by following a few simple instructions, one can grow a splendid plant at their home.


How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies - Growing Peace Lilies Indoors
How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies – Growing Peace Lilies Indoors

As Peace lilies grow up to 3 feet tall with their big, bold leaves (that are 10 inches long), they are best grown as floor plants. They can be placed on the corners of the rooms, table ends or as centrepieces.

  • It is best to make sure that they are placed in shaded or half-shaded area as they can’t withstand too much heat or too much cold. They must be kept in places where the temperature is at least 15°C. Also, ensure that the plant is in a place where there is high air humidity.
  • Peace lilies grow well in places where there is medium to low light. If the leaves turn yellow or brown, then it indicates that the plant is getting too much light/direct light.



Peace lilies do not need much water. Hence, there is no need to water them based on a schedule. If the soil is dry when touched, then its time to water. If its damp, then it need not be watered. When over-watered, they tend to die.


As Spring is the time when the plants’ growth period begins, it is the right time to fertilize. Liquid fertilizer can be added once in a fortnight during watering. If there are brown spots appearing on the leaves, it means that it has been given too much fertilizer. Hence, adjust the fertilizer accordingly.


As the leaves of this plant is very wide, the dust that settles in the leaves need to be cleaned by either washing or wiping then when required. The plant can be washed by placing it under the tap in a sink for a few minutes.

Planting / Reproduction

For Peace lilies to grow well, replace the old soil with fresh soil once in a year. Peace lilies grow faster in light rooms than in shady rooms. Hence, when there is a dense clump at the base and roots begin to show, know that it is time to re-pot them. You may need to do it once in a year or twice. When you are repotting, make sure the new pot is wider than the current one.

Reproduction of Peace lilies is always done by dividing the plants. If you want to divide the plant, then look for clusters where new leaves have started growing. Divide the plant at that place. It is a good practice to use some soil from the old pot.

A Final Note

If you are planning to get a Peace Lily plant for your home, make sure you follow the above advices. Also, make sure not to cut them. Only the dried parts of the plant is removed using the scissors. Grow a peace lily and make it the centre stage of your home. It is more than a beautiful plant!

How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies - Growing Peace Lilies Indoors 1
How To Take Care Of Peace Lilies – Growing Peace Lilies Indoors

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