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10 Shocking Reasons You Put On Weight After All Your Weight Loss Efforts

SO much of Control in Foods, Long hours of Exercise – In spite of all these, do you still feel that you are not losing weight? Initially you might actually have lost some weight but then you seem to be gaining weight back in middle of your weight loss program

This is not your fault at all, but depends on many factors which by myth you believe is healthy and other also other reasons which will shock you.

Stress Hormones

I need not keep reminding you about the hormones that play havoc in your weight loss regime. In fact some hormones such as Thyroid, when deficient do not let your body lose weight.

Stress hormones increase insulin levels in your body. This not only lets your body accumulate whatever fat is available in your body, it makes it crave for more. You might feel hunger pangs during such sudden increase in insulin.

Most of the carbohydrates you consume during these times is converted to fat and not used as carbohydrates.

 Fruits and Vegetables

Shocked! Not fruits and vegetables cause weight gain, only those which are treated with pesticides, mainly the tributylyin. This chemical directly affects your pituitary glands and makes it difficult to lose weight.

Go for organic produce whenever possible, sometimes organic products are expensive (not without a reason though). However the 2 to 5 INR you spend extra in each serving will make sure you don’t spend them on medicine. Or better grow your own organic vegetables and organic fruits.

Try to avoid peaches, celery, grapes, potatoes, lettuce and so on if you can’t afford organic foods.

Check Your Rx

It is seen that many medication causes weight gain mainly the birth control pills, steroids, heart disease medication and much more even the ones taken for heartburn (Heart burn!!)

So, when you notice the raising weight after starting a medication, you can ask the doctors to prescribe an alternative.

Are You Getting Older

Yes, it is true that as you grow older your metabolism also slows down and often tends to burn fewer calories than when you were younger. But if you make sure to increase your metabolism naturally you need not worry about aging. Read how to increase your metabolism naturally here.

Thus it is importance to stick to more proteins in your diet and reduce carbohydrates. Also regular exercise is an important factor.

Under- Eating

This has become a common complain off late, people think that skipping a meal will reduce calorie intake and thus can lose weight, but it is not so. Skipping meals lead to insulin secretion which again makes you gain weight rather than losing it.

Body types differ, for some people if you restrict the calorie you tend to lose weight but for few eating less calories and not losing weight, as the person is not eating enough to support a good metabolism.

Eat small meals throughout the day; keep your systems busy doing small work. This way you might confuse your system whether to work or accumulate. And Hurray!! You Win.

Read the Labeling Right

In order to cut down calorie, you tend to pick the so called diet food such as artificial sweetener, protein shakes, supplements and some bizarre weight loss products. Some of these actually make you hungry (artificial sweetener) and increase craving for certain food.

Also these diet foods may contain toxins which fill non essential fat cells, thus it is important to read the label and choose wisely.

Big Meals Are Bad Meals

This is one practice Indian women are fond of – missing breakfast, eating big meals in the afternoon and skipping supper. This will make your system to attain a state that whenever it gets food it converts to fat and stores it. You might not have missed Indian Moms getting fatter by the day!

Having a big meal stretches the stomach and forces you to eat big meals all the time instead eat small meals five to six times at intervals which will keep the energy levels steady and hunger at bay.

Improper Sleep –The Main Culprit


It is important to rest well else the body reacts by conserving energy and lowers the metabolism.  Sleep is important as when the body rests it rejuvenates and repairs the tears in muscles.

Proper sleep (at least 6 hours) is necessary for that weight management of yours. Have you ever felt fatigue without any reason? Well! Then you very well qualify for a proper rest schedule.

Compensating Your Workout

After shedding few pounds you become so carefree that you get tempted to eat more, in other words increasing your calorie intake which ends up taking in more calories than you shed and indeed having more calories.

Compensating your workout is very bad, because your body does not know what to do with the extra calories you take in. It cleverly stores it for further use, making you weigh more.

These are few things to be kept in mind and taken care of when you tend not to shed any weight in spite of all the dieting. SO! What do you think the main reason for your less weight loss is due to?

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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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