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6 Items You Should Not Miss Buying This Holi

Holi never fails to bring out the crazy side in us! Don’t you all agree? With the festival of colours round the corner, you must be busy planning for a big party.  So, we have prepared a checklist for you: just in case you miss on the important stuff!

  1. Water Blaster Gun or Pichkari

Do you remember those summer months when all of you wanted to get rid of the heat and spend hours playing with your friends on the middle of the road with Pichkari. Let your son or daughter experience the same kind of joy by getting her the Water Blaster Gun which is crafted out of plastic.

Water Guns For Boys
Water Gun For Your Little Princess

   For Boys Click here                                             For Girls Buy by Clicking Here

  1. Water Balloons

BOMBS AWAY! Get armed up for a water balloon fight FAST with this Magic Water Balloon Maker. In about 60 seconds, you’re ready to go with 100 balloons. That’s a whole bunch of balloons!

6 Items You Should Not Miss Buying This Holi
6 Items You Should Not Miss Buying This Holi

Balloons can be easily filled and children can have fun playing with them – Click Here to buy

  1. Herbal Holi Colours

Natural Colours For Holi
Click here to buy Natural Colours

Go Natural 100% Herbal Holi Gulal Can 100 gm* 5 Cans

  Click here to Buy Herbal Gulal

Make this Holi more fun-filled, eco-friendly and safe with herbal colour powder. Herbal holi colours are available in a variety of shades like bright yellow, light pink, snowy white, sea green and orange and so on.

What I like the most about this gulal

  • They are 100% Herbal
  • Use flower and vegetable extracts to make colours
  • Natural fragrances are used
  • Lab tested  for heavy metals – lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium
  1. Holi Sweets/Chocolates

How can Holi be complete without sweets? Share the spirit of this vibrant festival with your friends and loved ones by gifting them a box of sweets and gujias. Dry fruits are also highly in demand as a gift on holi. Available in a variety of designer boxes, these beautiful gift items make a lasting impression.

what to buy for holi
Kaju Katli
Sweets For Holi
Soan Papdi

5. Thandai

Thadai for Holi
Thandai With No Added Flavours

Click Here to Buy Thandai
No Holi is complete without the celebration called thandai. Usually made with milk, almonds, watermelon seeds, fennel seeds, pepper corn, rose petals, cardamom, khus seeds, saffron and sugar.

  1. Water Balloon Pump

Pre-fill water balloons the night before and they will still be full the next day. Perfect for the next neighborhood water balloon fight.

Water Balloon Pumping Station with 200 Water Balloons and Water Pump for Kids

6 Items You Should not Miss This Holi
Water Balloons, Colous and Filler – ALl In One

Seriously, it is the most fun filled festival that I know of and I hope you make the most of it. Wishing you all a very colourful, safe and healthy Holi. So, are you ready for a  holi ?



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