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Online Weight Loss Scams – How You End Up Fooled

image courtesy domdeen
image courtesy domdeen

Weight Loss industry is a multimillion dollar industry. The industry is growing exponentially every year bringing about innovative products in the form of weight loss equipments, pills, nutrient supplements, weight loss creams, body wraps and so on.

However most of these products are advertised and marketed online giving a shade of non reliability. Though there are quite a few genuine online weight loss products marketers, there are large numbers of scammers too.

In America alone around 4.8 million people ended up buying phony weight loss products such as creams, supplements and so on resulting the FTA recognizing it to be the number one scam. Some of the ways you are scammed are discussed here.

Free trial offers

There are many companies which offer you their product free of cost. They charge a nominal fee as handling charges. To complete this payment might be required to enter your credit card data.

Well, most of the times the sample never reaches you before the trial period and even if you do get it they are not in good condition. The company would start billing you from then on, every month and you would be able to do nothing about it.

There are people who have ended up cancelling their credit cards because they could not stop such scam companies from billing them.

Cheap and nonsense ingredients

Most of the scam companies do not give the list of ingredients on the label of the product. This makes them very shady and suspicious. Especially in the case of weight loss pills which are meant to be consumed, not having an idea of what is being consumed is a worst situation.

There are some companies who add a lot of sugar and preservatives in their product. Such calorie laden supplements seldom have any effect towards weight reduction than the opposite.

Fictitious celeb images and extreme claims

image courtesy Ambro
image courtesy Ambro

Some companies use fake images of celebrities to be endorsing their product. In most of the cases the celebrity themselves would have no knowledge of their images being used or what the product is.

There are others which give very outrageous and unbelievable claims such as easy or fast weight reduction, spot weight reduction and miracle anti ageing etc.

There is no chance of such things to happen and people out of mere belief buy these fake products and then repent.

Lack of scientific evidence

Some of the weight loss creams like the VLCC, Herbal Body Wraps, and Herbal Teas etc do not have any scientific proof of their efficiency.

They just say lab tested and have no real tests done outside the lab on real people. You have no assurance that this product would not lead to some skin infections, because they are meant to enter your body through your skin or gets into your system when consumed.

Such products are clear scams and can be avoided at once.


Many weight loss products make a lot of hype even before they are introduced in the market. These products are mostly marketed online and do not have any kind of certificate from authorized sources to prove their authenticity.

Many of them right away scam by overbilling your credit cards and others through sending low quality and nonsense products at exponential rates.

People should steer themselves away from such scams in the initial stages itself before ending up losing too much hard earned money on them.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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