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7 Tips To Improve Handwriting of your child


Handwriting is judged mainly on two aspects ? neatness and accuracy. It is a kind of art. Your body and mind does different things together while writing. The shoulder, wrist and elbow need to coordinate together in the right way. The eyes follow what you are writing and the brain decides what you want to write and how you want to write.

There might be multiple reasons for a poor handwriting. The most common cause is that the child might rush through it. Again, the reason behind rushing might be because of simple boredom or a dislike towards writing or ADHD. If the child can write neatly sometimes, but doesn?t follow it all the time, then some motivation is really required. The other reasons might be because of poor pencil grip either because he/she has learnt it the wrong way or it might be because of poor fine motor skills.

If the child suffers from problems like ADHD or any other learning disability, parents should seek help from medical practitioners and Occupational therapists. For other children, following are the tips for improving handwriting.

Tips to improve handwriting

  1. Nail The Problem

Problems occur in the following areas: formation of letter, the size of the letter, spacing between words and alignment. Pinpointing and teaching kids about these 4 areas helps them write more precisely.

Using both the hands to control the paper helps in drastically improving the handwriting. Make the child to hold the pencil with the thumb, index and middle finger.

  1. Improve Fine Motor Skills

Some kids might lack fine motor skills. Encourage the child to play with dough, small toys, work with puzzles, play simple card games, stack up blocks and coins, practice skills like buttoning his/her own clothes.

One of the most essential things for the child to practice is to do small art work like coloring with crayons, cutting with scissors and even tearing paper. This improves the fine motor skills and the child also learns to hold the instrument (pen/pencil/crayon) properly.

Encourage the child to write in sand, mirror, or even on a plate of leftover food with his fingers.

  1. Right Pencil
Image courtesy freedigitalphotoes.net
Image courtesy freedigitalphotoes.net

If the child is not comfortable with the pencil he/she is using, try to change the pencil to a shorter one. Use a gripper if needed.

  1. No Pressing

Do not encourage the child to press hard with the pencil while writing. It not only leaves mark on the paper but also ends up in straining the muscle.

  1. Posture Matters

Correct posture is essential for good handwriting. Avoid slouching, sitting on an adult chair and resting the arms on the chair. This would cause extra strain and writing more difficult. Sitting with a straight back, sitting with flat feet on the floor is the recommended posture while writing.

  1. Patience ? Your Key

The key to perfection is patience. Children usually run from one place to other and do not like sitting in one place to write assignments. Encourage them to write slowly. You can also be a role model. Take a paper and start writing so that your kids consider you as a model and do the same.

  1. Be Positive

Kids take their own time to learn. One kid may write earlier than the other one. Be patient and be positive. Once your kid starts writing, it stays with them for a lifetime.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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