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An Interview with Varalakshmi Pooja Contest Winner – Sasikala Hansraj

1.  A Brief About Yourself :

Allow me to introduce myself as Sasikala Hansraj, from Ahmedabad. I have been born and brought up in Vaniyambadi, a beautiful small town Vellore district of Tamilnadu. I was raised by my parents Late Mr Balakrishnan and Mrs. Vasanthi Balakrishnan, along with my two loving brothers Sathish and Rajesh. I have done my Diploma in Computer Technology to accomplish my goal to become an Engineer, however I could not complete my studies due to some family crisis. To help my family and achieve my dreams I worked for one and half years as an EDP Assistant in Naser Training Company . But like they say life gives you surprises when you least expect them, same thing happened with me. In the year of 2004 I got married to Man of my life Mr Hansraj and got settled in this beautiful city called Ahmedabad. Like every newly married girl, my life changed completely which gave me moments of happiness, joy, sadness, and laughter to be cherished forever. God has blessed me with two amazing sons who I love spending my time with. In the year of 2007 I started my career in Ahmedabad again after my elder son was one and half years with a Medical Billing Company known as Accurate Billing Services Pvt Ltd.

2. Motherhood to You is?

Mother is the sweetest word on this earth.  She tends to her child as lovingly as a gardener tends to his precious plants. She creates nurtures and protects with an unmatched patience. Had Mother- the Janani- not been there, this world would have come to an end. Who would have given birth? It is Mother who goes through the tormenting pain while giving birth and yet has a smile. She looks at her creation affectionately and forgets all her pain. She forgets herself, her own world. And now, her world revolves around her child.
Mother is the first teacher of the child. She holds her child’s tender hand and guides him through the path of life. She teaches her child the difference between the good and the bad, how to respect others, care for others and become a good human being. She gives her child the morals and values that pave his path for life; that shapes his character and give the right shade to his integrity. She sings lullabies, tells stories and understands their emotions and needs even before they speak. None but Mother can have such an understanding.

If the child falls sick, she forgets her own sleep. If the child is hurt, she herself feels the pain. Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. Nobody understands a child’s world better than Mother.
And today, a mother’s role is even tougher and demanding, as many are balancing a career and a family. Mother’s job never finishes. People working in the offices have weekly offs and fixed working hours, but a mother is constantly on duty. Her role stretches beyond any definition. Her care is unmatched. Her love is unconditional. Her dedication cannot be expressed in words. Her sacrifices are invaluable. It is rightly said by someone that God could not be present everywhere, so he created – Mother

3. Doing pooja’s at home brings in …. (fill it with what you think..)

World is full of positivity and negativity. The only way to overcome difficulties and negativities is to bring more positivity in your life, and to do that Pooja is the best way. As they say prayer gets you closer to God that increases your faith, confidence, happiness and satisfaction. Like the say Cleanliness is next to Godliness, we feel that Lakshmi kataksham will always be present in our homes if we keep them clean and full of positivity. We always keep Agal Vilakku at the entrance in the evening to welcome goddess Lakshmi.

4. What are we actually teaching our children by performing these poojas at home?

By performing these kind of poojas at home children can learn our culture and traditions. By teaching Mantras also gives them positive thoughts. My elder son Rudresh who is 11, he always helps me in performing Pooja and chanting the mantras along with me. I feel happy that my kids are learning about our traditions even when we are settled in Gujarat.

5.  How you started varalakshmi pooja…

Two years before when I was on call with my mom she told about my neighbor is making preparation for Varalakshmi Pooja, which I have always seen but never performed. I used to love the entire process of the puja and found it fascinating. But how do I start to do that Pooja at my place? What will my mother in law think as our family customs are different, will she allow me to perform this Pooja at my home? But to my surprise after a week of that incident my mother in law showed me one book and asked me if I could do that Varalakshmi Pooja? I felt that Maa Lakshmi understood my desire to perform that Pooja and showed me path of doing that. I could not control my happiness that doubled my faith in Maa Varakashmi.

For the first two years I used to keep only Kalasam and Coconut in Pooja. But this was the third year when I got inspired to make her Idol, as desire to do the Pooja better than previous years increased. By grace of Lakshmi maa my wishes were coming true, so I geared up for Pooja and started my preparations before two months. I brought the amman face, kalasa pavadai, gifts and thamboolam from pooja celebrations from Bangalore which took about 12 to 15 days to reach. However, making the Idol was quite easy but to tie saree and decorating that was a challenge. After many attempts I got success. Real happiness was when all my family members and friends appreciated my efforts. I hope to do it better next year also. I believe that Maa blesses everyone who does this Pooja with all faith and trust in her.

7. Tell us about your family and how they support you in work and home

My family, that consists of five people including my mother in law Mrs. Vijaya Kandaswamy, my husband Mr. Hansraj and my two sons Rudresh and Aayush.

I feel I am truly blessed to have Hansraj in my life. He always encourages me in whatever I do. Without his strong support my journey wouldn’t smooth. His appreciation motivates me. He is the most caring, understanding and helpful partner.

 My mother in law never let my kids feel my absence when I am at work. She is my biggest support as to which I am able to pursue my career and goal.

And another important person, who has been the advisor in my life is my Mother Mrs. Vasanthi Balakrishnan. She is my 24/7 helpline. I never ever take a step without her knowledge. Though she is sitting so far, she is the one who guides me in all the matters and reminds me everything on time.

But more than anyone else, my dad was my back bone. He has guided me throughout my life and every step that I have taken so far. He always taught me to keep patience and leave everything on God. I have recently lost him and miss him very much. His absence can never be fulfilled but I know that his blessings will always be with me.

I would like to thank all my friends who are motivating me and encouraging me at all times.

I feel happy and blessed as I never expected anything like this to happen in my life. I would like to show my gratitude towards Mrs Menaka Bharathi for giving me this incredible opportunity. Thank you so much Menaka Bharathi, as I run out of words to show how happy I am because of you giving me this opportunity to share my experience with all Simple Indian Moms through this forum.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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